Recently Senior Directory was fortunate enough to sit down with Pierre Wolfe for a fascinating discussion about aging, health and travel. For those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Wolfe, he is a man who is extraordinarily warm and humble, despite a lifetime of accomplishments. He was born in Europe and served with distinction on the side of the allies. He has traveled around the world multiple times, written several books; hosted radio shows and is even in the Colorado Restaurant Hall of Fame after years of being a successful restaurateur. He had some great insights into aging and was kind enough to share them.

We asked Pierre in his own words to describe his exercise routine and why it is important. “My name is Pierre Wolfe and I’m 89 years old. I feel pretty good considering, aches and pain do exist but we’ll ignore them, no one wants to hear about them anyway. I work out mostly on a standing bike; I do 15 to 20 minutes followed by a visit to the Jacuzzi. I feel tired after working out, but I’ve heard enough people saying at whatever age you should exercise. I also have two dogs, little Maltese’s whom I take for walks every day.  The reason is to get out of the easy chair and get exercise, which is a human need no matter your age.”

We also asked him to explain why he thinks volunteering can be such a wonderful experience for people who are retired. “I feel that if you are retired you should think about what retirement will bring for you. You must find a reason to be around, and be possibly useful to other people in your community. For instance if you were to volunteer at the Zoo, which is a wonderful and great outlet, my wife has volunteered at the zoo for 25 years and it has been a wonderful experience. I would advise anyone in retirement who is looking for something to do to look into volunteering, whether it’s a museum or zoo or anything for that matter. There are places where you can become very useful and people will appreciate your contribution to your community by your services to these outlets. “

I admire Pierre, not only for his life achievements, but for being able to sustain a healthy and positive lifestyle well into his late 80’s.  As Pierre puts it, “many seniors make the mistake of staying in the easy chair”.  What Pierre is trying to say is that getting out of the recliner is more than just being active and staying physically fit, it truly is a lifestyle!  It’s about participating in society and finding a purpose in life, not only to be useful to other people but to bring a sparkle to your own life.  I know Pierre has found that sparkle!

Interview by Peter Gietl and Alex Milzer with Senior Directory, LLC