MoneyComing up with activities for raising money for the elderly is an excellent idea to give back to the elders. Such activities not only raise money but are also a good opportunity for families and friends to socialize with the elderly. What people need to know is that the elderly need to have fun too; therefore, creating fun activities for them is essential.

Society is changing, and older adults are finding themselves alone. For that reason, providing financial support to them will help cater for their needs. The social aspect is important as well. Consequently, organizing events that bring joy to the elderly will be of much help. Some seniors are more active than others- because of age. However, that should not be an excuse not to take care of them. Let us take a look at some fundraising ideas for the elderly:

Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are a great way of raising money for the elderly. Having a location in place is necessary for the event to take place. Public areas such as parks, a courtyard or even a nursing home, can be useful for the event to take place. Also, contacting local artists willing to volunteer by performing famous dances and playing musical instruments, will help attract a large crowd. You can also try convincing local magicians who have many followers to turn up for the event.

First, the event will require food for the huge gathering. Some local businesses might be well equipped and eager to come market their products, especially if it means free advertising, contributing some of their profits to the fundraising project. During the event, the elderly will have the opportunity to exhibit their talents by selling their well-crafted pieces of art.

Book Sales Event

A book sale is an excellent way to gather people together to showcase their adoration of reading. Used books can be collected from their owners through online advertising, bookstores, church sessions, and other civic gatherings. The media is also a good outlet that can be of very helpful. For instance, advertising the fundraising event on newspapers, radio stations and on television, is an excellent way of creating awareness.

It is crucial that a centralized event space and storage location is chosen earlier on to avoid any inconveniences that may arise. Examples of such places include nursing homes, public libraries, public parks, and other public areas. Furthermore, a book sale can be enlarged to incorporate and CDs and DVDs.

Raffles Tickets

People like raffles. So, local industries through the fundraising event will be more than happy to advertise their products. With this sort of opportunity, advertising companies will be able to donate some money, product or services in return for raffle tickets. These include free grocery, movie tickets, free dinner, free haircut, and other rewards.

Drawing raffle tickets before events such as trade fairs will help raise more funds for seniors. Have as many raffle tickets as possible because estimating the number of people that will attend the fundraising event is usually difficult.


Brunches are a great way to raise money for the elderly and for creating an opportunity for them to mingle and socialize with other members of the society. The difference between brunches and other social events such as book sales is that brunches are more appropriate during public holidays. Holidays like Mother’s day or Valentine’s Day are a good opportunity to organize a brunch.

Local businesses such as restaurants and grocery stores usually donate useful materials that assist in the creation of a successful brunch event. Even better, a brunch event offers businesses the opportunity to advertise for free.

Craft sale

The elderly are very talented just like any other young individual out there. From cakes to artistry, the elderly have immense talent. Consequently, organizing a craft sale is a great opportunity for them to exhibit their talents. On the other hand, it will require good advertising to make a craft sale a successful event.

Just like a Book Sale, setting up a craft sale in a public facility will help raise a lot of money. You can combine a craft sale with other events as well. Having other activities in this social event is also a good idea. For example, allowing other sporting activities such as skating may attract more audience to the event.

Donation jars

A donation jar is perhaps the easiest way of raising funds. But first, you have to make sure you have an awareness campaign in mind. A great way of creating awareness through fundraising is advertising on social media and other local groups available on the Internet. After creating awareness, the next step is to get a few large jars with stickers of the fundraising project on the side of the jar and holes on top.

With all the jars in place, the next thing to do is visit all local stores and ask the owners of stores if you can place these jars on their counters. If they agree, put the jars on the counter then continue with the fundraising campaign (through social media and other media platforms). Make sure you go back to the stores to find out how much has been collected. Hand out as many donation jars as possible throughout the fundraising campaign period.


All these are great ways of donating money to the elderly in society. Keep in mind that excellent organization and accountability should be the cornerstone of the entire fundraising process.

For a fundraising event to be a success, the individuals should have good intentions. A business entity, for instance, should be educated that such events are not only opportunities for them to make money, but a social responsibility in the society. Happy fundraising!