Making your home accessible while you age in place doesn’t have to be difficult. With these 6 simple tips and with quality mobility equipment from your local 101 Mobility, you can start making your home ready for the next stage of your life!

1. Back to Basics

It’s time to start getting rid of clutter. Re-organizing your home is an easy and affordable way to start adapting your home. Go through your desk and organize your old papers and bills and get rid of those unnecessary holiday decorations that you haven’t used in years. Clean and consolidate everything that you don’t use on at least a weekly basis. You’ll feel better about your living space, and it will make the rest of these steps that much easier.

2. Ramp it Up

Wheelchair ramps, like the custom modular ramps that can be installed by 101 Mobility of East Tennessee, are an easy way to keep your home accessible. By putting ramps at the most-used entrances to your home, you’ll never have to feel trapped by steps or thresholds. If you live in a two-story home, consider a stair lift to help you get up and down the stairs more easily. You can learn more about the different types of stair lifts available by calling or visiting the website of 101 Mobility of East Tennessee.  

3. Let the Light In

Lighting can make all the difference when it comes to ease of mobility and preventing dangerous falls in your home. Consider installing additional lights or windows in your most frequently used rooms and hallways. But, be sure to avoid light fixtures with long wires that present a tripping hazard (such as floor lamps).

4. Watch Your Step

Do you have a lot of bulky throw rugs, or rugs that slip around easily? Are there corners or bumps in your home that a walker or wheelchair might catch on? Start taking notice of these problem areas so that you can think about how to fix them. For optimal mobility, hard, smooth surfaces are usually best!

5. Stay Dry

The majority of fall-related injuries take place in the bathroom. It is essential that you take steps to implement non-skid surfaces, and to keep all surfaces—including counters, the floor, and the shower—dry at all times. In addition, it is extremely important that you begin installing bath safety products such as grab bars, safety frames, and transfer benches.  Though it might be intimidating at first, the process of getting your, or a loved one’s, home ready for aging in place is far from impossible. With help from 101 Mobility, you can maintain your lifestyle and independence as you age. Start preparing your home now!

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