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The Eye Center at Southern College of Optometry

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The Eye Center cares for more than 45,000 patients annually, offering diagnosis, treatment of eye diseases, and management of chronic eye health and visual disorders.

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1225 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104-2211


Our Services

The Eye Center at Southern College of Optometry provides a full range of service, including comprehensive eye examinations for patients of all ages.

The Eye Center is the area’s leading provider of eye health and vision care. Providing care to more than 45,000 patients each year, our optometric physicians are engaged in serving the needs of the citizens of Memphis and the Mid-South. Our interns assist our staff doctors in providing care while being exposed to leading-edge diagnostic and therapeutic management in a state-of-the-art optometric facility.

The Eye Center is not a clinical laboratory. It is a busy health care facility providing a full range of services, including comprehensive eye health and vision care examinations for patients of all ages. Our interns have completed coursework and laboratory training prior to entering the clinical facility. Further, they must demonstrate knowledge and clinical skill competency before progressing to the internship portion of their training. Our staff doctors are involved in clinical education by modeling and instructing our interns while providing face-to-face patient care.

As a teaching facility, The Eye Center is different than all other eye health and vision care providers in the Mid-south. 

-First, our optometric physicians (i.e. attending staff doctors) are nationally renowned for their training and expertise in both patient care and clinical education. Why not experience the unique level of care available when you have not only a personal eye doctor but also receive care from the doctors who teach other doctors?

-Second, we utilize services of a number of individuals to care for our patients in a manner unparalleled in other doctor’s offices. Not only will you receive individualized attention from your own optometric physician, but you will also have the benefit of one or more interns involved in your care. Additionally, our staff consists of nearly 50 individuals specifically trained to address your personal eye health and vision care needs. Do we charge more for this level of contact and interaction? No. As a matter of fact, our fees for services are very competitive both locally and nationally.

-Third, we have divided our facilities into unique service areas. These areas cover a wide range of services to meet the vision needs of our patients, including:​

  • Adult Primary Care Service, for patients older than 12
  • Pediatric Primary Care Service, for patients 12 and under
  • Cornea and Contact Lens Service, for patients of all ages
  • Advanced Care Ocular Disease Service, for treatment of eye disease
  • Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation Service, for patients of all ages
  • The Eye Center Optical, offering designer and practical eyewear for the whole family
  • Community Vision Health Services, committed to meeting the needs of patients beyond our clinical facility

As a teaching facility, each patient is cared for by one of our doctors and one or more interns. Our interns serve as non-physician extenders in providing your care while learning from your attending doctor.

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