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Stay At Home is an owner-operated, in-home care company with over 10 years’ experience in the senior care market. Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to make the most informed and comprehensive decision best suited for your loved one’s specific situation. If an alternative care solution is more appropriate, then we will help you with that decision and guide you through the process.  

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140 Saint Andrews Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934-2409

Additional Information

Stay at Home ® provides eight community presentations for awareness of elderly care issues .Andy has presented to churches, elderly/senior care centers, medical facilities & case managers, neighborhood & non-profit organizations, civic groups or any group interested in elderly care & senior issues. 

Dangers of Driving with Alzheimer’s.  How Alzheimer’s impacts the brain & how that relates to safe driving. We’ll discuss:

-Short-term memory loss
-How that loss negates decades of driving experience
-Alzheimer’s Warning Signs
-How to know when to take the keys away

Caregiver Stress. As our population ages, more people are responsible for caring for their loved ones while balancing family & career responsibilities at the same time. This presentation addresses the emotional & physiological effects of long term caregiver stress & the impact it can have on physical & mental health.

-What is stress & why we have a stress reaction
-The body chemistry of stress & long term effect
-What is unique about caregiver stress & why it is so devastating
-Why it is so difficult for caregivers to get a break
- What caregivers can do to lessen stress impact

Neurobics. Many elderly people get into very simplistic routines which  no longer challenges their mental capacity.  This causes mental atrophy, depression and many other mental and physical maladies. Neurobics is how to keep your brain alive, active and growing your whole life.

-Brain physiology & how the brain acquires information
-Discuss activities which will increase brain mass
-Demonstrate specific Neurobics exercises

Emotional Isolation. Many elderly people are involved in situations where they have minimal social contact & interaction. Most of these social interactions are superficial, which results in physical & emotional isolation. This presentation covers the impacts of social & emotional isolation & what can be done to alleviate the effects.

-Loneliness, depression, behavioral changes & increased stress levels
-Difficulty in establishing & maintaining relationships
-Obsessive compulsive behavior & diminished cognitive behavior

Your Loved One’s Safety Warning Light. Know what to do & recognize the warning signs that additional care may be needed for your loved one.

-Watch for these common indicators:
-Physical appearance- how they look
-Physical behavior – how they move
-Emotional habits – how they feel
-Get the family involved & prepare a proactive resource list

3 Additional Community Presentations.

-Companion Gap ~ When your loved one is home alone
-The 5 major reasons the home alone elderly either end up in a hospital or being re-hospitalized
-Challenges of Aging in Place ~  How to remain safely at home
-10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next 14 years. The top 10 challenges to be aware of to safely stay at home
-Continuum of Care ~  Elderly age related changes & goals
-Communication with your loved one, family caregiving challenges, end of life options & medical care options 



Our process includes the following:

Step 1: No obligation, personalized care consultation to introduce you to Stay At Home’s philosophy and to assess your needs. 

Step 2: Based on our evaluation, we develop a customized care plan which best suits you. This includes the hours of caregivers needed, their duties, and specific skill sets.

Step 3: Personal introduction of your caregiver(s) with a hands-on walk through of the caregiving environment. 

Step 4: Follow-up after the first visit and on a routine basis to ensure your satisfaction.

We can also help coordinate:

-Estate Planning Considerations
-Coordinate with Long Term Care Insurance
-Financial Advice for Seniors
-Senior Advocate Services
-Care Management Services
-Trust Planning Advice
-Relocation and Downsizing Advice and Coordination
-Home Safety Considerations
-Home Modification Advice
-Medicare and Medicare Supplement Advice

For further assistance to help navigate the challenges facing aging loved ones please visit East TN Awareness Group.


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