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Are we proud of our 30 years of experience in senior living? You bet we are. But, to us, what really matters is your experience living at one of our 32 communities. We do everything with that idea clearly in mind. So, go ahead, dive in and take a look around our website. Choose your favorite in Phoenix. Take a tour. Smile.


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990 West Ocotillo Road
Chandler, AZ 85248


SRG Senior Living Communities experience began 30 years ago. But ultimately it’s your experience that matters.

Close your eyes and imagine a favorite vacation. Just picture it. You’re foot- loose and fancy free. You’ve got exciting things to do. You’re carefree. That is the experience of living at one of SRG’s luxury senior communities.

You live life the way you want, with no need to worry about chores, home maintenance, or finding help if you need it. Someone is always there 24/7 to help, with a big smile and a kind heart. SRG offers all of the lifestyles and services you may be looking for in a luxury senior community—independent living, assisted living, and in-home care—but with a big difference, a colossal dedication to hospitality.

We call it Genuine Hospitality. And our residents absolutely love it. No boasting. It’s simply what happens when you listen closely to your residents for 30 years and make it into something really special. We invite you to experience it all—fine dining, great social programs and activities, fitness, health and wellness, and people dedicated to serving you.

Your reward, after all, may just be finding the perfect place to live.

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Awards. Everyone has them and everyone boasts about them. We’re proud of our awards, too. They show SRG’s commitment to great community design and exemplary service. But we don’t get too enamored with them either. We see them as what naturally happens when we do our job well.
Now that we’ve said all that. Recently, we’ve earned back-to-back top honors from the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB). And our senior living communities have been recognized for exemplary service with an “ALFA Best of the Best” for our signature Genuine Hospitality program. And really that’s just a small sample of what we’ve earned.

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Curt Sinclair

This is not a review. Please pass this on to who ever evaluates new products! BODY WASH AID Just getting the word out on a new product. It cleans and Benefits anyone with cleaning issues caused by lack of mobility from surgery, accidents, obese elderly, special needs or pregnant women. Inexpensive and easy to use, it cleans and sanitizes hard to reach areas reducing odor, itching and rashes. Just soap it up in your shower – swish -swish – rinse and done. It can also be used to apply medication to same hard to reach areas. Helps prevent minor problems from becoming major ones and adds to their comfort level. Gives many their dignity back! Giving a patient their confidence and comfort back is often more beneficial then some of their medications. You can see customer reviews on Amazon (1,000 sold 4+ of 5) and a video on our web site. First wholesale customer just made their 9th Re-order in 9 months! Approved for Veteran's Hospitals and clinics. – Call for wholesale rates. Two of 3 orders yesterday were repeat customers! CUSTOMER REVIEWS JUST IN WEEK 03-2-19 PLEASE READ! CP (lady)= Comments Just used this for the first time – I used it on the toilet and I am incredibly pleased! I had two strokes this spring and have been relying on a home health aid for wiping needs while exploring just about every other wiping tool out there. NONE of them compare to this! The length, curve, and materails set it apart as the most superior wiping aid I've come across. I'm excited to master using this so I can resume butt scrubbing duties for myself! Thank you for making this! LIFE CHANGER! JS (male) = Comments I just received my butt scrubber yesterday and tried it out almost right after. This IS the BEST thing I have ever used for that “hard to reach” area! Lathered it up and it was perfect. Even worked to rinse the area out too. I am glad I found this product and I will be a user for life!! TG (male)=Comments Just wanted to thank you for your product. I am disabled and ths scrubber is wonderful. You could be in any business your want but you choose this. God Bless you. I may sound over dramatic but it says something about you I think to want to help the people on the fringe. God bless you and yours. Curt Sinclair Veteran – Ranger 863-674-0604 Between Amazon and my web site, I have sold 1,000+ at $29.98 Your price is $12.25 plus shipping. Lots of room for markup. New gold standard for personal hygiene!   UNSOLICITED CUSTOMER REVIEW! I am a consumer who purchased your product off of (the Wright stuff ) web sight. I saw the products and ordered it last week.  This product is amazing and I won’t be able to live without this products now that I have purchased it. It is the best hygiene bathing tool that I have found. It even has multiple usages. All for my tush .. I call it “The Tush tool-“ To freshen up with a babywipe, to use as a potty aid or use as shower tool.❤️  I have taken chemotherapy pills for 10 years and it has cause advanced arthritis and spine problems. I cannot bend , turn or move well. I am 59 years old. Since my mobility problems have restricted my movement I feel like I am not ever clean or smell pretty. You have saved the day!  I have been sitting on a bath sponge scooting up/down to clean. This Doesn’t work well at all! A shower sprayer is great but you need to apply soap and wipe your Tush. I have tried tongs to hold a wash cloth. Only To find That the wash cloth will not stay put and falls off to the shower floor. Then I can’t pick it up! Ugh!  I have tried several tools and nothing has worked as great as your scrubber. I’m so thankful! Thank you for your great design! I absolutely needed this.      

4 years ago

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