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We create your existing floors to be non slip to prevent a terrible slip accident.  All floors can be treated, especially tile, usually found in the bathroom area, with our treatment to make it non slip without changing the appearance.  By adding traction to your floor you will highly reduce the risk of slipping and injury.  The moment of contact stepping out of the bath is very crucial, make it safe!

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Lawrence, NY


1) 1 out of 3 over the age of 65 will slip, and require medical attention.  Take steps to prevent it.

2) Medicaid spends millions on hospital visits because of this accident.

3) If a walk-in-tub is ideal but too expensive, this is another alternative to reduce any hazard.

4) Don't just band-aid the issue with a handrail in the shower, solve the core of the issue, THE FLOOR

5) Great idea for kitchens, hallways, and pool decks.


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