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Right At Home Corporate Headquarters

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6464 Center Street
Ste 150
Omaha, NE 68106


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I am trying to find the proper channel to get information for Murfreesboro TN, right at home! I understand these are franchise companies, but if this is under your corporate I would like to speak to someone before filing a formal complaint with the state of tenn. This is the worse organized company I have ran across in the last ten years, and not only that I feel they are charging for hours that are not being rendered. Please reply

3 years ago
kathy meade

I have major concerns. I would like for someone to contact me. I am looking for an email for Alan Hager or Brian Petranick. Thanks in advance. I have also reached out to Brian through Linked In. However, I am not sure if this is the best contact information for him. Best! Kathy Meade

4 years ago
kathy meade

I would like for someone to contact me at

4 years ago
john berger

I am an employee for Right At home in bella vista. I took my vacation and was told by an office mrg that I had 38.5 hours . then today when I checked my hours I was only paid for 20.5. I contact the director . she then told my about the points system , which I was not made aware of . I went to do eval didn't get paid for that so I had to leave my assigned job losing 2.5 hours in pay. Because the office closes at 3 pm in Bella Vista ar 72715. And then requested an copy of her reasoning . I noticed that if we don't go in even on our days off points are deducted was not told that either. And we do not get paid for meeting that are called . And there are times that you are not to use clients phone to clock in and out on . you are also deducted points for that even if you call the office to tell them and let them . My own personal view . if office personal give and or do not give correct information to the employees. It should be made right . And if you cover an call in shift on you days office you should be paid an little extra. And if you are required to attend and meeting then I feel you should get paid for it .And if an client calls off assignment that you were scheduled , you should also be paid something . because you could have accepted other job, and or wasted your time . I know this sounds petty, because an employee can only be as good as an employer . so if an employer gives the employee the incorrect information , The the employer should make it right . Then notify and give the the employee of the correct information, so that the mistake / error will be understood and unsure that the mistake will not happen again . Thank you john berger

4 years ago
Debbie Sweithelm

Abuse and Neglect Reported to the New York State Department of Health Dehydration.. resulting in hospitalization.Fraud in Billing Plainview Office Gregg Barblel

5 years ago

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