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My name is Michael Friedman and I am the owner of Reversing PA Mortgage,LLC. For the past decade I have been educating hundreds of seniors on the benefits of the reverse mortgage program. I am local and meet with all of my clients in person. When we meet, i will review your situation, confirm your eligibility, and you will decide if a reverse mortgage is the right plan for you.

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5 Winslow Way
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A Reverse mortgage is the only financial tool available that allows homeowners to remain in the comfort of their own home, gain access to a substantial amount of money, tax free and not have to endure the added stress of a monthly mortgage payment. 

As people age, many unexpected expenses can arise such as medical bills,prescription drugs, home repairs and the need for long term care. Additionally, when a spouse passes, one of the Social Security checks goes away. When a savings and retirement account runs low and life insurance is no longer available, a reverse mortgage eliminates your monthly mortgage payment and increases monthly cash flow, giving you a greater sense of financial security.

Seniors are living longer, and running out of money. Clients should think of a reverse mortgage as a financial planning tool. Have a plan in place,be ready! Do not wait for a crisis. You do not have to have a mortgage.


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Michael... Fred and I owe you our life! We had no idea you could purchase a home with a reverse mortgage. You made our retirement. Come visit anytime!

6 years ago

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