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MetroCenter Mobility

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MetroCenter Mobility is a local business that repairs, rents and sells mobility scooters, wheelchairs, rollators, lift chair recliners, hospital beds, stairlifts, batteries, and more. Visit our showroom or we can come to you.

Phone: (615) 570-1800


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944 4th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210-2624


Mobility Scooters

Power/Electric Wheelchairs

Lift Recliners

Wheelchairs/Transport Chairs


Hospital Beds

Lifts (Stair/Ceiling/Vehicle/Patient)


Bathroom Safety

Concierge Service

Emergency Service

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MetroCenter Mobility - WE COME TO YOU! Mobility equipment is essential for many people, so when it stops working, they can no longer function effectively, and often their lives are severely impacted. When seeking repairs or replacements, too often customers are told that a company will only service equipment purchased from them, or if bought online, to contact the manufacturer (which may be overseas), or to load the equipment into a car and drive it to the repair shop, which is often simply impossible.

Enter MetroCenter Mobility, a local business owned by Simon and Deborah Vermooten, a couple with a heart for service, who saw the need for minimizing downtime when mobility equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. Their mobile service vans can service, deliver, or install equipment anywhere, usually within 24 hours, so customers can quickly return to their daily routines.

MetroCenter Mobility's staff are committed to personalized service and providing solutions to meet each customer's unique circumstances. Maintaining your independence and quality of life is their mission, and they take it to heart.


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