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The "SNFPS Team" is a highly skilled healthcare professional team which specializes in therapeutic placements for clients and/or patients that may require a specific level of care such as skilled nursing, traditional nursing home, assisted or independent living, group home, and/or supportive housing. The SNFPS Team provides this service FREE, as a Community Outreach Program.  The "SNFPS Team" consist of Licensed Nursing Facility Administrators, Licensed Nurses, and Licensed/Certified/Registered Social Workers.


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3555 Loyola Drive
Kenner, LA 70065-2542


The "SNFPS Team" services the following entities:

* Full Service Hospitals
* Physical Rehabilitation Hospitals
* Long Term Care Acute Hospitals
* Psychiatric Hospitals
* Emergency Departments
* Urgent Care Clinics
* Elderly Protective Services
* Adult Protective Services
* Assisted Living Facilities
* Independent Living Facilities
* Group Homes
* Supportive Housing Programs
* Senior Citizen Centers
* Adult Day Care Programs
* Senior Apartment Complexes
* Physician Offices
* Medical Clinics
* DHH- Aging & Adult Services


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