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Las Colinas of Westover Rehabilitation Center

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With the newest medical equipment and technologies, our Accelerated Recovery Program is perfect for patients requiring acute care and are looking to get back on their feet and home as soon as possible.  For individuals in need of extended nursing care, at Las Colinas of Westover Rehabilitation Center we go the extra mile to ensure you experience the maximum level of comfort by providing upscale accommodations such as flat screen TVs in every room, large private bathrooms, multiple family living areas, and much more!


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9738 Westover Hills Boulevard
San Antonio, TX 78251-4583



  • Acute Care - Accelerated Recovery Program
  • Extended Skilled Nursing Care
  • 24 Hour Nursing Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Cardiac and Stroke Recovery 
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation 
  • Internet Cafe
  • Large Activity Room
  • Respite Care
  • Bilingual



  • 120 Beds
  • Medicare & Medicaid Approved
  • Private Insurance
  • Private Pay

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Please contact Las Colinas of Westover Rehabilitation Center today to find out more about our Accelerated Recovery Program and long-term care options. 


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Mike Murrell

Las Colinas of Westover Hills - San Antonio, Tx. On the surface, this place appears to be nice - fairly new - kept clean. Unfortunately this medical facility is understaffed. Service is poor. Management completely unconcerned. My mother-in-law checked in at Las Colinas on Fri. 5/15/15. She was to stay for 20 days. A 14 day stay at a Warm Springs facility nearby had just been completed. She had broken the upper part of one arm and required rehab as per her doctors orders. Her treatment there was excellent. We would have kept her at Warm Springs, but Medicare would only allow 14 days. During her stay at Las Colinas she became ill. On Wed. 5/20/15, xrays were taken and a nurse told her that she had pneumonia. It wasn't until Fri. 5/22/15 that a doctor entered her room to check on her. He speedily asked how she was doing; then turned to leave. I assume this was a staff doctor as she had no idea who he was. On Sun 5/24/15 she told my wife that no upper arm rehab work had taken place thus far. They rubbed her feet a few times. She was there for upper arm rehab work and that was made clear to the staff by my wife when she checked in. Doctors orders were provided. So after 10 days at Las Colinas, my mother-in-law had received none of the upper arm rehab work that she was brought there for in the first place. Just before we arrived on Sun. 5/24/15, she had a "run in" with one of the staff nurses. A rude woman to say the least. My mother-in-law needed help getting to the bathroom in her room and assistance with getting her pajama pants down and back up. This rude nurse yanked hard taking down her pajama pants and likewise did so pulling them back up. After the nurse got my mother-in-law back into her bed she snapped at her and said "why are you so grouchy". It's entirely possible she may have been grouchy. 10 days of often-times cold food and infrequent visits by the nursing staff along with none of the upper arm therapy she was to have received! My wife decided it was time to get her mother out of this place. We believed her pneumonia would likely not improve here and her rehab work was now 10 days behind schedule. My wife had to leave the room to seek a staff member about dismissal. No surprise to me, it took awhile. We were told that a director level person would be in at 9pm that night to discuss matters if we liked. It was now about 3pm. We're going to wait 6 hrs. to take this issue up with a mgt. person? You have to be kidding! This director level person should have been involved then and there; not 6 hrs. later. My mother-in-law is coherent. I noticed many rooms occupied by elderly people who were not. I could not help but wonder what kind of teatment they were or should I say were NOT receiving. After having my mother-in-law treated for pneumonia at an area hospital, we checked her into Sorrento on Fred. Rd. - a vastly superior facility. Las Colinas of Westover Hills is a subsidiary of Genesis HealthCare - Pennsylvania. Genesis needs to clean house at Las Colinas of Westover Hills in San Antonio, Tx. Think twice before putting your loved one in Las Colinas of Westover Hills. I will be talking to Medicare and Humana about this situation.

8 years ago

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