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Conveniently located in San Antonio, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio (RIOSA) is a 97K square foot, 108 bed rehabilitation hospital with specialized inpatient programs including rehabilitation services, aquatic therapies, post-acute brain injury care, day programs, and much more.  Our home health team also assures that your are receiving the proper treatment upon discharge from the hospital and back at home.  Our goal is to get you back on your feet and living an independent and healthy life!


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9119 Cinnamon Hill Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78240-5401



-Specialized Rehabilitation Programs 

-Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies

-Parkinson's Disease Care

-Orthopedic Care

-Cardiac Care

-Stroke, Brain Injury and Neurological Conditions

-Day Programs

-Aquatic Therapies 

-Home Health Services

-Support Groups

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Walter Evans

3 years ago
Gary McCamey

I was a nurse for HealthSouth and received an injury that after surgery the doctor refused to let me go back to work. I have lived with the injury for near 20 years. Now, HealthSouth has told me they no longer want to take care of me. The original agreement was care for that injury for the rest of my life. However, HealthSouth says they have spent too much and won't care for the injury anymore. I'm sending this at 4:55am. in the morning due to pain that will not allow me to sleep. What am I doing, I'm searching for a lawyer to sue HealthSouth for breach of contract. Added pain because HealthSouth won't care for their own. In the course of care by HealthSouth, I've been given new experimental drugs that have given me cancer, a huge growth on my right calf which I had to have removed leaving a 4 inch incision scar. HealthSouth has used rules/laws/and tricks to get around providing care for my injury. At this point, I'd not send my dog to HealthSouth, especially with what I know about HealthSouth after working for them for 7 or so years. I witnessed sexual abuse seeing a doctor examining a man, then coming out and making jokes about the mans sexual parts. Verbal abuse by nurses that were just laughed at by management. I was a missionary for approximately 10 years. I have noticed nearly all the names of the Workman's Comp ladies who I deal with have Muslim names. I have nothing against Muslims as long as they do not treat me badly. Because HealthSouth would not provide me with a doctor when my back and leg pain was at a severe level, I had to go to ER for care. HealthSouth, who is responsible for my care has refused to pay the $600.00 I had to pay for medication the ER doctor prescribed for me. It's been several months now and the supervisor, L. Taylor told me they probably not going to pay for it. Of course, don't miss a payment to pay HealthSouth bills, cause they will get it one way or the other. I can show you abuse I received from HealthSouth. However, I am one man, 72 years old, one man who is being persecuted by HealthSouth Rehab. Hosp. Just consider this before you send your wife, or children to their facility.

7 years ago

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