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Delaware County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA)

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For over 40 years, the Delaware County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA) has been a trusted friend and community partner for older adults in Delaware County who are in need of services and resources. COSA is an information resource for persons of any age needing information on benefits and services available to older adults. COSA offers a wide range of services to enable older adults to remain in their homes as long as possible.

Phone: (610) 490-1300


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206 Eddystone Avenue
Crum Lynne, PA 19022


ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Center) 

Adult Day Centers    

Americorps Seniors Foster Grandparent Program    


Care Management    

Caregiver Support       

Community Education    

Delaware County Victim Assistance Center        

Domiciliary Care      


Health Education

Home Delivered Meals/Senior Suppers

Information and Referral

In-Home Services

Legal Services

Ombudsman Program

PA MEDI (Medicare Insurance Counseling) 

Protective Services

Senior Centers


Volunteer Opportunities

Additional Information

The mission of COSA is to connect and empower the County’s older residents through services that support their health and well-being.  Our vision is that all older residents in Delaware County live with quality of life and dignity at the highest  levels of independence. 


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2 years ago
Margaret McKmiff

trying to get help

2 years ago
Patricia Garr

Hello , Want information about taking care of my mother and getting paid . I am a caregiver for a agency but heard about your program where I could get paid to be my mothers caregiver . Not sure where to go or apply .

2 years ago
stanislawa mikita

My name is danuta mikita ,i leave with my mother who unfortunetely suffer for alzhaimer decise and i am the one who is taking care of her. I heard that i should register in your company to be support with.My friend was giving me your company name.If that correct i would like to sign with you. My phone nr is 610-513-1373,my Mother phone nr is : 610-259-2023 I will be nicely asking if someone could call me and let me know what i need to do if that is right way to have some help. Thank you ,hope to hear from you soon. Danuta Mikita/doughter /of Stanislawa Mikita

2 years ago
Joyce Powell

Looking for someone to drive me to and from doctors appointments

2 years ago
Eileen Gonzalez

I would like some information on programs available to myself and Husband with MS in a wheelchair and full care. I have recently retired though I have no family in the area I am looking for support... Thank you

3 years ago
Gary jackson

Biggest ripoff scam going on.Would love to know what these agencies get for each patient. They don’t even give pay stubs to their employees. I think if the government found out about this scam it would come to a quick end.

4 years ago
Suzanne M Watson

I am seeking information about services for a 90 year old, physically frail, mentally sharp, woman who may be moving to Delaware County. Of special interest would be transportation and In-Home Care. Can you please give me that information via email or mail to me at 310 Copley Road, Haddonfield, NJ 08033? Thanks very much. Suzanne Watson

4 years ago
Deborah Harris Nukah

Hi, I am interested in a social service coordinator job with your entity if you will have any opening in the in-home care especially in the Philadelphia area.Please let me know as soon as possible. thanks

4 years ago
Carol Donohue

Cosa you have ruined my life! You gave me a guardian, Dana Breslin, who stole $40.850. from me along with all of my belongings. She took my home,jewelry, car, money, escrow, crystal,silverware, china,etc.and threw out all of my kitchen appliances. She even took my medications, oxycontin, trasadone & seraquil all prescribed by my physician.My fiance knows I never abused any drug, though mabye she has. She stole them. I have witnesses to what was done, also police reports and proof she still is going through my private papers. She might have sold my medicastions on the street. I hear they go for $40.00 a pill She took everything I held near and dear to me. She then put me in a nursing home for no reason, where I still remain 19 months later. Judge Kenney said, "I'd send you home but you have no home to go to and also said laughingly, good luck in getting your money back". I never asked for a guardian, I only asked for someone to help out during an illness. I found out that Dana is worth $689,000 dollars. She didn't need what I had. I heard your office, especially Ms. Osbourne and Dana are spreading terrible rumors about me. I will sue most definitely! Nothing I could have ever done could warrant what was done to me. Even a murderer doesn't have his life's possessions taken away. I have written to the Governor, senators, PA Bar Assoc., TV & radio celebrities,etc., etc, etc. This will never be over until I get the justice I deserve and hopefully get her disbarred and your organization cleaned out of people like you. I wish you everything that has happened to me to happen to both of you 100 times worse. If I have my way you won't be doing this to anyone else ever again, nor will Dana, the elder law attorney. How many others has she done this to? I hope this becomes a movie of the week so you can all be shown to the world what ruthless, rotten, ignorant people you are. You & she do not deserve to have any power over any senior or any other citizen. I am 69 years young, in good health and have a lot of work to make sure you NEVER do this to another person as long as you live. All I have is time and it will be put to good use in getting the word out about Cosa, you and Dana Breslin.

5 years ago

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