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Chestnut Hill Hospital Senior Behavioral Health Unit

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The Senior Behavioral Health Unit (SBHU) at Chestnut Hill Hospital is a 20-bed, inpatient care unit serving older adults who seek behavioral health services and require a short inpatient stay. Treatment is available for a variety of conditions including, but not limited to depression, psychosis, bipolar disorder and anxiety.

Phone: 215-248-8117


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8835 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118


The Senior Behavioral Health Program offers patients:

  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Group and Activity Therapy
  • Anger and Stress Coping Skills
  • Medication Education
  • Family Education

Additional Information

Our bodies change as we age, and so do our minds. Seniors face an increased risk of mental challenges, including clinical depression and memory impairment. But there’s good news – in most cases, these conditions can be successfully treated and managed with specialized care. The skilled clinical staff at Chestnut Hill Hospital provides hope and healing.

Senior Behavioral Health is appropriate if you or a loved one is experiencing an escalation or worsening of ongoing symptoms of any of the following:



-Agitation or aggression

-Disordered thinking

-Change in sleep habits

-Poor adjustment to change

-Wanting to harm others

-Lack of attention to personal hygiene

-Increased fear of being alone

-Grief (Not adjusting to the loss of a loved one)

-Change in enjoyment and participation in daily activities


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Absolutely awful care. Stay away.

5 years ago

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