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Care NOLA provides families with knowledge and support when conditions are at their most confusing. We develop care management strategies designed to enhance quality of life. Care NOLA helps families navigate the intricacies of senior care, saving families money and time, and lowering stress to allow for quality time together. Rachel Lazarus Eriksen, CEO/Founder is a professional member of the Aging Life Care Association.


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Care NOLA has the experience, compassion and professionalism to meet your specific family care needs. Our Specialized Care Planning services include:
-Comprehensive assessments including Activities of Daily Living and safety concerns
-Plan and problem-solve
-Education and advocacy
-Accompany clients to healthcare or attorney appointments
-Provide recommendations on Home-Based Services vs. Residential Care Options (pros & cons, affordability, available options)
-Review the role Medicare, Medicaid, and Long Term Care Insurance play
-Guide families through difficult conversations/help with those conversations
-Act as liaison to families at a distance who need a trusted local professional
-Complete applications for Medicaid and Social Security
-Assist with nursing home and assisted living transition and placement
-Coordinate ongoing care


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