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Belle Cares

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Belle Cares is a Nashville-based company that provides preventive foot care for the elderly and diabetics at risk for foot ulcers and amputations. The U.S. spends $39B on foot incidents each year with each amputation costing health systems hundreds of thousands of dollars. By providing monthly, in-home pedicures through licensed and specialized nail technicians, Belle Cares helps prevent costly foot problems while engaging clients and making them feel special.


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Nashville, TN


Home Foot & Nail Care

-Standard Foot Care: foot bath soak, trim and file, moisturize
-Deluxe Foot Care: foot bath soak, callus treatment, trim and file, moisturize, polish
-Manicure: trim and file, soak, buff, cuticle trim, massage, polish
-Gel Manicure: trim and file, soak, buff, cuticle trim, massage, gel polish 

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“"Emily is the best. She has gone overboard helping my 80-year-old mother to be able to get better. My mother absolutely loves her and so do my mother's caregivers."                 


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