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We are the premier provider of small, intimate senior living home options. Our homes are just that—homes, not institutionalized facilities in which everyone is forced to operate on the same schedule. With smaller populations, we’re able to allow each resident freedom and provide customized care. Our experienced staff members care deeply about the well-being of our residents and take pride in maintaining a high standard of living for all.


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6906 Spanky Branch Drive
Dallas, TX 75248-1528


Avendelle Assisted Living Homes has focused on providing premier, personalized care for years. With a 3:1 ratio of residents to caregivers, we provide safe, comfortable atmospheres that are homelike instead of feeling like a facility. This allows our residents to have freedom and flexibility, to feel like they don’t have to give up the lifestyle they’re used to. We take the time to listen to each individual’s needs and preferences instead of blanketing our care. Want to know how we maintain this high level of atmosphere?

Small, residential properties are converted to senior assisted living homes in the Dallas area.  We currently have six homes providing excellent care.  The Spanky Branch location is in Far North Dallas and has all of the comforts and incredible facilities you would want for your loved one.    

Living Safely and Knowing your Loved Ones are taken care of.  
When staying in an existing home becomes too demanding, difficult, or dangerous, Avendelle provides seniors a safe place that’s as close to home as possible. We’ve invested in the safety equipment and response procedures for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory assisted-living residents. All of our residential assisted-living homes are equipped with fire sprinkler systems and electronic medical record systems. For aging seniors, being safe can also mean having someone notice the first signs of a new problem. Our incredible, knowledgeable assisted-living caregivers get to know each resident’s routines and patterns. They’re always paying attention so that no change in mood, health, or sleep goes unnoticed.

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This beautiful property is located in Far North Dallas, Texas in a quiet residential community. The Avendelle at Spanky Branch senior living home features large, open rooms and a relaxing yard space. This assisted living property is ideal for those looking for a home-like environment shared with few other residents in which they can receive 24/7 care. The Spanky Branch residence provides seniors with a great balance of privacy and accessibility to the community.  


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