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Autumn Leaves of Northwest Austin

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10025 Anderson Mill Road
Austin, TX 78750-2100


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Deborah Bales

Beware of false promises Autumn Leaves is owned by The LaSalle Group. After experiencing a bad situation for my loved one who was living in their Autumn Leaves of Georgetown memory care residence we contacted both their CEO and their VP of Healthcare and they couldn't be bothered to follow up with us. Please beware when you are looking for honest reliable people to help you take care of your loved ones. They make their facilities look clean and inviting during weekdays but it is totally different in the evenings and even worse on the weekend and your loved ones end up neglected because they don't have enough people. They promise that they understand the special needs of dementia but they don't hire qualified or caring staff and then they throw up their hands in frustration with your loved one instead of showing compassion and patience. Your loved one with dementia needs to be surrounded by people who honor the trust you place in them when they promise to take care of your loved one, that doesn't happen with Autumn Leaves. They take your money but don't take care of your loved one. They don't keep them or their room clean and cared for, they don't keep up with medications even though they promise to do so, they don't nurture the emotional needs of someone suffering from dementia, they promise to check on your loved one to keep them in clean diapers but we struggled with them to care for my loved one who ended up with bed wounds and a rash from staying in dirty wet diapers then they couldn't be bothered to treat the rash or the irritation and itchiness that resulted even though they had doctor's orders to do so. Their idea of engaging your loved one is to play loud music and have their staff dance around like they're at a party even though most of their residents are in wheelchairs and over the age of 70 and can't dance.

4 years ago

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