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Alabama AEgis, Inc. is a social services agency committed to serving the elderly and special needs persons through case management, long term care supervision and consultation, and home health social services.

Phone: 205-871-2007


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2910 Linden Avenue
suite 203
Birmingham, AL 35209-2531

SOCIAL WORK CASE MANAGEMENT AND LIFE PLANNING - Transitions of care, safety, and cognitive assessment, care plans, disease and behavior management, resource coordination, and monitoring.

  • Coordinate services through clients’ physicians to ensure continuity of care.

  • Educate on disease and medication management.

  • Assist clients in maximizing their financial resources.

  • Provide supervision to skilled nursing facilities to insure that their Social Worker and Recreation Therapy Departments are in compliance with CMS requirements.

  • Alabama AEgis is approved by the ABSWE to provide supervision for LBSW, LMSW, LCSW, and LICSW.

Life Care Planning:

  • Life Care Planning Services is a hands on, comprehensive care plan designed to help alleviate stress, worry, and fears that accompany aging. Life Care Plans give seniors and their families a greater sense of stability, clarity, and peace of mind.

  • Our Life Care Plan is a strategic, comprehensive plan that manages and monitors the clients’ current needs as well as anticipating and address future needs.

Understanding Medicare/Medicaid:

  • Determining your eligibility.

  • Gathering necessary information.

  • Applying online, by phone, or in person.

  • Select coverage options.

  • Reviewing and confirming enrollment.


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Mary W.

This agency took my concerns to heart and with great compassion moved in a careful and wise direction to bring those concerns for my loved one to a happy and safe conclusion. I would recommend their services and assistance for any situation involving an elderly disabled person!

3 years ago
David T.

Excellent agency for anyone in need of case management services for elderly and/or disabled individuals or couples. Their social services network in the city, county, and state is unrivaled and includes plans for skilled nursing, independent living, and in-home services.

3 years ago

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