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AAG is the nation's #1 HECM lender and is committed to helping Homeowners age 60 and older better gain the stability they deserve by helping them convert a portion of their Home Equity into cash. A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage ( HECM)loan with a growing line of credit can be an effective way to convert home equity into tax free cash.

I service Oregon, Washington, Colorado and California. NMLS #1909434


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Some things you can do with a HECM mortgage:
1. Pay off your existing mortgage and eliminate monthly mortgage payments. (Borrower must
continue to pay property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and maintenance costs.)
2. Maintain a line of credit (that can grow) for health emergencies and other unexpected events.
3.Get a monthly payment for life
4. Modify your home to accommodate aging in place.
5. Convert a room in your home into a living area for an aging family member or caregiver.
6. Cover monthly expenses and hold onto other assets, while their value continues to grow.
7. Pay for health insurance during early retirement years until Medicare eligible at 65.
8.Combine life tenure payments with Social Security and income generated by assets to
    replace your salary.
 9.Pay for long-term health care needs.
10. Maintain a standby cash reserve to get you through the ups and downs of investment markets.
11.Pay for short-term in-home care or physical therapy following an accident or medical incident.
12.Fill the gap in retirement plan caused by lower than expected returns on your assets.
13.Set up transportation arrangements for when you are no longer comfortable driving.
14.Create a set-aside to pay real estate taxes and property insurance.
15.Delay taking Social Security benefits & increase the monthly payments later in life.
16. Pay off credit card and other high-interest bills.
17.Cover monthly expenses between jobs
18. Purchase health-related technology that enables you to be more independent.
19. Travel to visit family and old friends.

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AAG is dedicated to helping Seniors find the financial security they deserve. We have built our success on a strong foundation by offering superior customer service to our borrowers, nurturing our drive for innovation and excellence while operating with the highest degree of integrity and why I joined this amazing company.
Integrity and service are the bases of my business. After being a real estate professional for over 17 years and helping seniors relocate to active adult communities, I became familiar with the HECM for purchase mortgages and realized that home equity conversion mortgages could truly change and improve the lives of Seniors. I joined AAG because we are the leader in this market and offer competitive products and rates.

I service Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado.

NMLS # 1909434Licensed in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act. CA-DBO#1909434



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