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Bathroom Conversion and Equipment

As folks get older, falls become more and more of a danger. Sometimes falls are precipitated by a sudden medical condition like a stroke, or sometimes they're just caused by simple clumsiness. Fixing up your bathroom with arm-bars, proper footing, and a raised toilet seat, will work wonders on preventing falls in the future.

Durable Medical Equipment

Click on this link for items like oxygen tanks, vital monitors, crutches... etc. Medicare covers many of these items. Look into your Medicare Part B to find out what is and isn't paid for.

Home Care (Non-Medical)

Home care workers can help around the house for folks that are not able to do it all by themselves, anymore. This usually includes things like laundry, dishes, and daily chores. They can be hired for as much, or as little time as you need. Having a home care worker come by for a couple hours a week is a good place to start, if you're unsure.

Home Health (Medical)

Home health companies provide specialized care at the client's residence. Nurses, therapists, or other skilled, medical professional provide this care. This type of care is a tier above "home care." It is necessary to get this premium care, "Home Health," when the client has any type of medical needs (including dispensing medications).

Incontinence Care and Supplies

Leaks are common among older folks, especially women. It is OFTEN made into a bigger deal than it really is. Find adult diapers here, and stop letting incontinence ruin your social life.

Medical Alert Systems

Also sometimes known as Emergency Response Systems, Medical Alert Systems are a group of devises that connect directly to emergency services. There is typically a portable devise worn by the senior that wirelessly connects to a console, which is attached to a phone or internet cable. This allows the senior to easily access help, should she fall and be unable to reach the phone.

Respite Care at Home

Respite care is care offered on a temporary basis. Friend and family caregivers have the experience of losing all their time to full-time caregiving. They use respite care agencies, so they can take care of their other business while knowing their dependent is safely taken care of. This differs from Adult Day Care, in that the respite care worker is able to spend extended periods of time with your dependent.

Wheelchair Ramps and Stair Lifts

Depending on what your needs are, you my need something custom built or standardized. That's why the listings featured in this category consist of both contractors and retailers.

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