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Health Services

Adult Day Care

These centers provide a great service to a large portion of the senior community. How they work is primary caregivers drop off their dependents, go about their day, and then pick them up on the way home. It is necessary for many caregivers who have jobs and dependents who can no longer maintain independence.

Alternative Medicine

Also known as Eastern Medicine, Holistic Medicine, or New Age, alternative medicines offer different solutions than those of your typical, run of the mill, US provider. Some people turn to alternative first, but many turn to them after attempting typical cures that don't work for them.

Ambulance Transportation

Ambulance transportation is used in instances when a person in a state of precarious health needs to travel. The major advantage of ambulance transportation is they offer room for life-support machines and ride-along paramedics.

Care Management

Care managers are folks that help take care of the logistics surrounding elder care. Often times, children of aging parents are flabbergasted by all the paperwork that goes along with entering into an assisted living facility. Arranging doctors’ appointments and transportation complicates matters further. Care managers know the ropes, they know the good doctors in town, and they know how to process this type of paperwork efficiently.

Dentists and Dentures

Since us seniors have had our teeth the longest, it makes sense our teeth would show the most wear and tear. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and most people our age have worries just like your own. Don't worry! I promise your mouth isn't the worse the dentist's ever seen.

Dialysis Services

Many folks our age need to get regular dialysis or some type of transfusion. This is because, for one reason or another, our kidneys or other organs no longer work properly on their own. Dialysis takes about 4 hours, and is usually 3 times a week. So it makes a lot of sense to find a place you like.

Health Insurance

Health insurance concerns everybody in this country, and particularly seniors. No matter what's happening on the national/governmental level, it's important to know you are covered.

Hearing Aids and Audiologists

Hearing is one of the quintessential senses, and when it starts to go those affected often resort to withdrawing from the rest of the world instead of seeking treatment. They are embarrassed hearing loss makes them seem old, or they have a false sense of what hearing aids are. Well, hearing aids have come a long way since their inception, and most people can't even tell when someone's wearing them.


Hospices and Palliative Care Centers are assisted nursing facilities for residents with terminal conditions. The emphasis is to make the end of life as comfortable and meaningful for patients and their families as possible.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Click here to find large hospitals and medical centers by you. Due to their size, these facilities offer a wide range of services, from emergency rooms to bariatric specialists. Be sure to check out their webpages, to find specialists.

Mental Health Services

Mental health disorders affect a significant portion of the US population, across all age groups. But, when you add factors in like isolation and loss of loved ones (factors that disproportionately plague the senior population), the numbers increase. It is important for suffering individuals to know they are not alone. Click here for several resources that address mental health concerns in your neighborhood.


At our age, most of us regularly take at least one prescription drug. Whether you are taking something to control your blood pressure or cholesterol, or even something a bit more exotic, you're going to need to know the pharmacies in your area.

Rehabilitation Hospitals

Rehabilitation hospitals offer post-op care. Many of them offer boarding, so the person in rehab can stay there while they get better. Often time, patients worry they might be doing themselves some kind of harm by being too active in their daily routine, or just have a lot of questions about recovery. This is a good option for them.

Urgent Care Clinics

These emergency clinics are often closer than hospitals. It works out that way, because there are so many more urgent cares than hospitals. Research these clinics a little bit before an actual emergency happens, because urgent care facilities aren't open all day. Many people see their primary care doctors at these locations.

Vision Care

Do you know the difference between ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians? The first are doctors with years of additional course work in eye health, optometrists are doctors of eyes (but not of any other body part), and opticians are optical technicians. All of them can help you figure out the right prescription for a pair of glasses, but only the first two can diagnose and treat eye diseases.

Wheelchairs and Walkers

Here you will find walker and wheelchair outlets near you. What makes these places really great is they give you an opportunity to see how different options fit. Few things are worse than getting a cheap, internet devise that doesn't fit right.

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