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Community & Activities

Area Agencies on Aging

These organizations are federally funded, and feature a wide variety of services. Their main purpose is to provide locals with the most accurate senior services available in the area. Please do yourself a favor, and lookup the one closest to you.

Bingo Halls

Bingo might just be the best game ever. Communities are setup around it. Bingo can scratch that gambler's itch in all of us (even though it's darn near impossible to lose big).  Its venues are all inclusive, and players may jump into the action at different times, depending on their own schedules. Bingo provides a social atmosphere, and its basic set of rules makes it entertaining for players of all ages and cognitive abilities.

Disease Specific Organizations

This section is sort of a mixed bag. We try to offer resources as varied as Alzheimer's Associations, cancer resources, and Parkinson’s groups, here. Hopefully, you can find a local group that fits your needs. If you know of one we don't, then please tell us about it!

Elder Abuse Protection

Seniors suffer abuse just like any other demographic. However, because many seniors suffer mental and physical ailments, abuse can go unnoticed. If you have a suspicion abuse is present in the life of someone you know, it's important for you investigate further.

Senior Centers

Senior centers are a perfect place for folks to go and be part of the community. They offer an environment that is both social and political. Senior centers have the added benefit of community.  Member absences can alert others to the possibility of an accident at home; this has saved lives before.

Social Security Office

Social security checks are an important part of life for anyone past retirement. Pensions aside, social security can potentially be one’s sole source of a household's income. And if it isn't the sole source, it is relied heavily upon. It makes sense to know as much about your social security benefits as you can.


Figuring out how to get from Point A to Point B, and then back again, is a big concern for the majority of older seniors. Commercial rides provide a variety of services, like helping seniors without cars get groceries or picking them up with the same driver later in the day. Others are more economical. Find the transportation provider that best suits your needs.


Travel agents are experts at planning your perfect vacation.  They help you plan your daily activities and find the best deals on your adventure.

Veteran Services

There are many organizations whose mission is to help former armed servicemen and women in need. In this section, you will find everything from VA clinics to niche senior centers. Senior Directory believes it's important to tell veterans how much we appreciate the service they provided.

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