At Senior Solutions Management Group, we believe in helping families be preventive and proactive in preserving the best possible quality of life for senior loved ones. We would like to share common examples of how staying at home is often perceived by senior adults and their families, and offer realities of the benefits of assisted living communities.

Perception: Home is the safest place for senior adults.

Reality: Often, falls, medication issues, inadequate nutrition, memory loss, and undiagnosed illness happen in the home, presenting a huge risk for serious injury or hospitalization. Assisted living communities can address, manage, and prevent these risks.

Perception: Home is where senior adults receive the best care.

Reality: Often, great care from dedicated and experienced family members and/or hired home health caregivers can be achieved in the home; however this can lead to frustration and burnout, especially if the loved one has dementia or other difficult diagnosis. Assisted living communities provide trained, experienced, patient, and compassionate caregivers to attend to personal needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Families regain peace of mind and can once again spend quality time with their loved one in an inviting and home-like setting.

Perception: Home is where senior adults receive the best food and nutrition.

Reality: Often, seniors who are home rely on family members to bring them meals several times a week, or seniors will “make do” with simple meals like cereal, microwavable frozen meals, and junk food. While these routines do meet the need, assisted living communities offer nutritionally balanced, chef-prepared meals that are made fresh daily, with resident preferences in mind. Residents are given choices of what they’d like to eat, all while socializing with friends in a beautiful dining room.

Perception: Home is where senior adults receive the best interaction.

Reality: Often, seniors express feelings of loneliness, depression, boredom, and an overall lack of purpose being at home. There is typically not enough stimulation and interaction with family and other senior adults. Assisted living communities offer social interaction through creative scheduled activities, involvement in religious and community organizations, parties, events, and trips.

Perception: Home is where seniors need to be.

Reality: Everyone desires to be home as long as possible-that is a fact. When home is no longer safe, or proper care and oversight are not being received, or meals and nutrition are not adequate, or if a loved one seems to be lonely, depressed, or bored being at home, or if the home is a burden to clean and maintain, it is time to be proactive and seriously consider assisted living as a solution.

It is very common that we hear, after a new resident moves in, “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?” If you or a loved one would like additional information about assisted living, please check out Senior Solutions Management Group's website or call 423-258-8335.