Woman putting wheelchair in car

Portable Ramps help people with mobility challenges overcome obstacles while they are on the go.  Portable Ramps are also great for public buildings, like churches or government buildings, that want to help patrons navigate a step or two once or twice a week.

Portable Ramps are a category of accessibility product that includes:

  • Suitcase Single-Fold Ramps
  • Suitcase Double-Fold Ramps
  • Curbed Plate Ramps
  • Fixed Walkway Ramps

Portable Ramp on sidewalk

The distinguishing quality of this kind of ramp is they are portable.  Portable Ramps are made from sturdy, light-weight metals.  They are designed such that a single adult can carry them for use.  Some Portable Ramps fold away so they fit comfortably in the back of a car during transit.

Portable Ramps are liberating for people with mobility challenges.  Get a scooter or wheelchair into and out of your vehicle or overcome steps while you shop or visit friends - it’s as simple as having a portable ramp is the trunk.

Find the portable ramp that works best for you at Amramp.  Article sumbmitted by Bill Freshwater - Owner, Amramp