Fitness for SeniorsPeople who reach their golden years are often faced with problems such as how to keep fit or how to keep their mind and body young despite their age. When we reach old age, we have limited movements, slow paces and fragile bodies.

Nothing but a Number

Age is nothing but a number. Your body may be old, but your mind and your spirit could be years younger. You can still do a lot of things, despite your age. As long as you keep your mind alert and sharp, you can achieve your goals and feel empowered. Those who have reached their golden years still have the capability to keep their minds sharp, their bodies fit, and their lives happy.

It is All in the Mind

Our mind is just like a muscle. The more you challenge it, the stronger it gets. When you become older, your mind has a tendency to age, as well. Some of the ways to keep the brain sharp are:

  • Engage in problem-solving when at home or wherever you go.
  • Learn a new skill or hobby.
  • Try learning a foreign language.
  • Read more.

If you dreamed of being pianist when you were a kid, now is a great time to learn it. Do activities that can help you learn more.

Keep Physically Fit

According to Maureen Hagan, a fitness expert and physical therapist, fitness is a youth serum. Regardless of your age, working out can help you look and feel younger. Exercise can help build a stronger body as well as an alert mind.

There are different exercises that are recommended for the golden members of our society. These exercises are:

  • Walking. Since many seniors have limited movement and flexibility, walking is a great form of exercise. Leisurely walks are not only a great way to keep fit, but also a way to relax. Walking allows you to be more aware of the surroundings around you and get a chance to interact with the people you pass by. If your body permits, you can also try brisk walking for an added challenge.
  • Swimming. Swimming for older people may be a leisurely swim instead of a competitive one. It is a great activity because you get to be in the water without any worries. Another alternative for swimming may include water aerobics.
  • Floor exercises. Another great way to exercise is to do some floor routine exercises. This involves simple body exercises such as toe taps, heel raises, knee lifts, shoulder and back stretches, ankle rotations, wall pushups and more. These are not only easier to perform, but also fun to do.
  • Golf. For those who want to try on another sport, golf is ideal. It helps build concentration and strength with every swing of the club. It is also a sport that keeps the mind active and concentrated.
  • Yoga. The tree, shavasana and mountain pos are only some of the most senior-friendly yoga poses. Yoga does not only keep the mind relaxed and healthy, but also helps develop a strong body.

In order to complete maintain overall health, it is important to keep the mind healthy as well.

Face the Odds

Defy the odds and the stigma behind old age. Be more adventurous than ever and go to places you have never been before. Travel to places and enjoy their culture, food and scenery.

These are some of the best places to go to when you reach your golden years:

  • Montreal, Quebec – Montreal attracts over 9 million people every year. It has various sites that are worth visiting. Some of its most famous sites include the Notre Dame Basilica, Old Montreal, Mount Royal Park and more.
  • England – The United Kingdom has many destinations that are senior-friendly. They also have a variety of accessible modes of transportation that make it easier for tourists to move from one place to another. Its most famous sites are the Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the British Museum.
  • California – If you want to enjoy nice weather and beautiful scenery, California is the best place for you. It is filled with luxurious resorts, golf courses, dining spots and shopping areas.

Cruises are also a great way to enjoy a vacation. Experience the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of a cruise. Travel anywhere you want in order to further educate yourself as well as get your much-deserved vacation.

Enjoy Life

The key to living a happy life is to simply enjoy life. Since you have reached the pinnacle of your years, it is important to just live life the way you want to. After all, you have the time and the resources to do the things you wished you did before. Having a healthy lifestyle and health security is also ideal, especially when you are in your later years. The key to having a fun and healthy life is to allow yourself to be happy.


Article written by Jessica Wilson.  Jessica is a professional health expert who works for some major health industry giants. She currently writes for Members Own and is dedicated to helping people learn more about health related topics along the journey. When she's not a health advocate, she enjoys some down time traveling or talking with family.