CBDThe secret is out, people of all ages are now discovering CBD (Cannabidiol) for its potential health benefits. Specifically, when it comes to senior citizens, the benefits can be wide ranging and help with many ailments. These include, cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, slowing Alzheimer’s and dementia, and helping to alleviate arthritis. CBD can provide benefits without THC, the compound in the plant that gets users ‘high’.

Consumers can find themselves overwhelmed by options when they first start looking into CBD. While it’s important to do your due diligence on the brand and the quality of their CBD oil (e.g. full spectrum CBD oil vs distillate), you should also become familiar with the myriad delivery methods available. With something for every need and every time of consumer, you should get familiar with the ingestion methods available to you.


With the inherent risk of smoking, this may be only for those who it is absolutely necessary and those that do not have throat or lung issues. The old method of smoking is not commonly advised at this point dues to the associated risks. However, you are able to buy CBD buds, and smoke them the same way you would with marijuana, without the side effect of getting high. Also, in the same form as a CBD vape pen, there are cartridges available which are CBD specific, essentially vaporizing the CBD and allow you to ingest with no smoke, just vapor. Since this method can put the CBD directly into your lungs and the bloodstream, it can take effect at a faster rate than other methods. This makes it a popular choice with people using CBD to manage anxiety or insomnia.


Many variances of ingestible CBD products are available at this point. Options can include; gummies, tinctures, gel caps, pills, drinks, and chocolate. For those who have issues with their lungs or inhalants, ingesting a CBD product can provide the relief the patient is looking for while not causing further damage or pain by inhaling vapor or smoke. Using this method can also help the CBD enter the bloodstream in a faster form than a topical. Eating or drinking a food product can be very effective in this method. A tincture, or a form of a dropper, that is easy to control the dosage is also a simple way to provide the correct amount of relief. A byproduct of this system is making sure the dosage is correct and the patient is paying attention to how much they are ingesting at a time. There are options which can include low doses of THC. Many times this does not get the patient ‘high’, but caution should be used to make sure the correct amount is being utilized.


Topicals are a favorable method of using CBD. Using a direct application to the area, for example, joint pain for arthritis can reduce joint swelling and have the direct effect versus allowing the CBD to process through the bloodstream. The anti-inflammatory aid when applied directly to the affected area has been shown to help with muscle and joint pain, along with not having potential lung or stomach reactions associated with either inhaling or ingesting a product. These balms, lotions, oils are all non-psychoactive the same as ingesting or inhaling direct CBD, and they may calm those who are worried about the potential of getting ‘high’. In many cases this transdermal application may be the best way of using CBD when it can be applied directly to an area.


Benefits of using CBD among the elderly are continually being studied. This is all to find the most effective application of the product associated with common ailments that affect seniors. Many are looking for non-pharmaceutical methods of chronic illness and pain management, and CBD can help alleviate many of these issues. Whether you choose to inhale, ingest, or use a CBD product topically, always make sure to start dosages small in order to find the correct dosage which works for you. In the years ahead we can be confident that knowledge and information regarding this product will only grow and become more specific in its usage, but that the use of CBD as a pharmaceutical replacement is both effective and needed.