Reverse mortgages could well be one of the most misunderstood solutions in financial planning today.  They have often been condemned as risky and complex financial products. Consumers have very little understanding of these retirement solutions and what they can offer. Many financial planners have generally advised to concentrate on an investment portfolio that focuses on wealth generation rather than retirement planning (

As you read on, you will see what a reverse mortgage is and how it can positively change your life.

For years, you faithfully sent in your mortgage payments. Between these payments and the increase in your home’s market value, you have likely ended up with a sizeable amount of equity. Chances are it is not doing a whole lot for you now if it is just sitting there idle.

Here is where a reverse mortgage comes in. It is a loan that lets you tap into the equity of your home to generate tax-free cash. Instead of building equity by paying money into your home, you can think of a reverse mortgage as taking equity out of your home. You are using money that you have accumulated while purchasing your home and having it appreciate in value. So, in a sense, your home is paying you back.

Before taking the next step, finding a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional is critical.  You will want one who understands the reverse mortgage process and one who knows which consumer safeguards are in place to protect you.  A Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional or CRMP is someone who demonstrates superior knowledge and competency in the reverse mortgage industry and upholds the highest ethical and professional standards.

Call your local certified reverse mortgage specialist for a free personalized consultation to see how reverse mortgages can help you live financially independent with Freedom, Flexibility and Fulfillment!

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