6 Questions to Ask When Deciding on Adult Day Services

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Adult day care services provide numerous benefits to both the elderly and their caretakers. Often, caring for the elderly can be taxing work, and caregivers don’t take the necessary time to take care of themselves, which ultimately impacts the quality of the care they provide. By enrolling a senior family member into an adult day services program, caretakers can focus on other tasks while the elderly are in a safe, stimulating environment. 

Deciding to put a loved one into an adult day care program is no small decision. The below questions serve as a guide as to whether an adult day services program is the best course of action for your loved one.

1. Is your loved one not socializing with others?

Arguably the biggest benefit of adult day care is that it allows seniors to make connections and form friendships with others who are in a similar situation. Countless studies have shown the benefits of socializing seniors, including better overall quality of life and general health benefits. Adult day service centers allow peers to form long-lasting relationships and engage in stimulating activities together.

2. Are you concerned that your loved one’s safety is at risk while they’re home alone?

Leaving an elderly loved one by themselves can be nerve-wracking, as there is a major concern about their safety and their ability to get help should something go wrong. By enrolling them in an adult day program, you can put your mind at ease. A trained adult day services driver will pick them up and take them to a center, which is a safe and fully monitored environment. From medication administration to vital sign checks, a member of a highly skilled nursing staff looks after all adult day clients to ensure the safest, highest quality experience possible. Put your mind at ease knowing that your loved one is in great hands while you’re away.

3. Do you worry about your parent sitting around idle all day?

Adult day centers provide numerous stimulating activities that will keep your parent or loved one active, mentally and physically. From senior-friendly exercise classes such as balance-focused yoga or gentle stretching, to physical, occupational, and aqua therapy, there are stimulating activities available for all fitness and interest levels.

4. Are you concerned about providing your loved one with the best care without breaking the bank?

Adult day care has consistently proven to be the most affordable senior care available.  The Genworth 2016 Cost of Care Survey shows the financial benefit of adult day services as compared with other senior care services.  Additionally, Medicaid waivers help many pay for adult day services, ensuring that your loved ones receive the best care at the best price.

5. Do you spend half of your days driving to various appointments and locations?

With adult day care, most of your senior’s day to day needs can be handled in one place. Adult day centers provide essentials such as nursing care, nutritional meals, physical and occupational therapy, as well as social activities, such as bingo, music therapy, and discussion groups. There is little need beyond an occasional doctor’s visit to venture beyond adult day services.

6. Is Dementia or Alzheimer’s a factor?

Memory care is part of ongoing counseling and therapeutic services provided by adult day care centers. Daily structured activities, including puzzles, brain teasers, and psychosocial support groups, can greatly aid those with memory issues.  Adult day center staff are provided ongoing training for Dementia and Alzheimer’s patient needs to ensure that they’re well-versed in the latest and most effective care techniques.

Most adult day care centers offer free visits, tours and consultations.  Call a local provider today to learn more about how your elderly loved one may benefit.  Before you go, be sure that you prepare a list of questions to ask when vetting a potential facility.

If you, the caregiver, need support, ongoing training, or just a break, but still want to ensure the best possible care of your elderly loved one, then adult day services is the right option for you.

This article was submitted by Northeast Adult Day Care, Philadelphia, PA, located in Northeast Philadelphia and serving Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. info@northeastadc.com or 215 671-0200


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