Hair CutThere is nothing sexier than a well put together man. It doesn’t have to do with designer labels or expensive products, it’s pretty much all about proper grooming. Even with the simplest outfit in the most mundane settings, a man that is well-groomed will always stand out from the crowd.

Too often these days, the grungy look seems to be the norm. And yet, there is something to be said about how you feel when you get all dressed up and are looking your best. Self-esteem, confidence, and respect have a lot to do with the image that you are projecting, so keeping your grooming habits regular can have a big effect on your overall look and feel.

It can be as easy as getting your hair trimmed, talking to your implant dentist about improving your smile or having the smooth feel of a fresh shave. Personal grooming habits are an important part of your overall hygiene and health as much as they are about how you look on the outside. Keep it simple and follow these basics to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Get Regular Haircuts

There is nothing in the rulebook that says that you have to keep your hair short to be nicely groomed. If you like to keep your locks longer, that’s fine but keep your hair properly conditioned and styled with a nice cut. Get regular trims to take care of any split ends that can take the polish out of your look and try to keep things on the neat side with a elastic to pull back your hair, or a smart-looking hat.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Your smile is the thing that you greet the world with and it can really make an impression on others. Proper brushing and oral hygiene habits are the most basic way to keep your smile shining. Keep up with your dental check-ups to make sure that any issues are quickly addressed. Invest in teeth whitening twice a year to add some sparkle to your smile.

Keep Strays in Check

No one likes a unibrow, no matter how attractive a man it is on. Keep things simple and just pluck any stray hairs that you can see and keep your center brow clear of hair. Trimming your nose hairs with an electric razor is more comfortable than plucking and should be done on a regular basis.

Tidy Up Your Beard

The full face beard has been a popular trend for the past several years, and although it may be fashionable, it’s really only attractive if the beard is well maintained. Don’t forget to use proper conditioning on your beard to keep the hair soft and manageable. No matter what length you prefer, make sure that your beard is properly shaped and trimmed, and that your neck hairs are neatly shaved.

Clean Your Nails

No one is saying that you need to go in for a monthly manicure and pedicure, but a man’s hands say a lot about how he takes care of himself. Keeping your nails clean and trimmed on your hands and feet can keep you looking neat and presentable.

Clothes Make the Man

Your style is completely your choice and doesn’t have a lot to do with personal grooming unless you consider the condition of the items. A neatly folded or even ironed shirt over one that was in a ball on the floor and is covered in wrinkles will win every time. Again, there is no need to go overboard, but wearing freshly laundered and unwrinkled items will make a much more positive impact.