Partner is a word often tossed out to describe a relationship in which one side benefits from the other. In a real partnership, everyone involved should benefit equally. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are well known for their dancing.  Their steps were different, but in support of each other. The result? Dancing that was harmonious and graceful.   

Age Well Live Well encourages communities to create partnerships to provide Texans with programs and activities. Age Well Live Well partners -- a range of public, private, nonprofit, faith-based academic and health care organizations -- share in the vision that, with some planning and opportunities, Texans can age well and live their best. While some partners might offer similar services, each also brings something unique. Successful partnerships recognize the strengths and individuality of each member. They share a common vision of purpose and have open communications to ensure everyone understands the partnership’s mission. They provide concrete outcomes so everyone feels as if they are making a real difference and they are quick to recognize each other’s contributions. No one organization alone can fulfill everyone’s needs, and partnerships relieve them of that burden. Partnerships can amplify a shared vision, creating greater awareness and a louder voice. They can share resources, bringing together limited assets to offer more.  They can also create community spirit. When people see organizations successfully joining together -- regardless of profit and standing -- to provide a service for the greater good, they see lives change and good will in action.   

To learn more about being a partner with an Age well Live Well collaborative or starting one in your community, contact Holly Riley at or Ken Bomar at   Just like Fred and Ginger needed each other, we need you.