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Maintenance Tips for a Great Home for Seniors

Seniors HuggingWhen it comes to caring for the elderly, home improvement activities should be geared towards safety and convenience. And we’re not just talking about retirement homes here. If you’re staying with seniors, it’s important to consider making several adjustments and changes around the house. If you’re a senior yourself, you will have to invest in the right amenities that can help make home living less tedious.

That being said, it’s always important to know the right approaches in home renovation and maintenance. Though it can get costly to a certain degree, repairs and renovation activities can be worth it in the long run.

Let’s look at some of the best home maintenance tips you can apply to make your home senior-friendly.

1. Make your home conducive for “aging in place”

When seniors prefer not to move out after retirement, they may as well “age in place” or, in other words, stay in their original homes. In this case, it’s only proper to turn the home into a conducive setting where seniors can live out the rest of their lives without any hassle. For this, make sure to install accessories and other features that can help the elderly move around the house or access basic amenities.

You can consider installing grab bars that can allow for greater stability, especially in bathrooms where there’s always a risk of an accident. For more ideas on how you can custom-fit your property for seniors, check out this helpful guide to home improvement for aging in place.

2. Update your landscaping

Nothing relaxes you more than having a garden around your property. Sure enough, planting flowers and lush greenery not only helps cool your surroundings, it also gives you a good way to feel at peace. Gardening, after all, is a worthwhile hobby to take up, so you may as well spend time knowing the kinds of plants you should be planting.

Opt for herbs and flowers that you like, although dandelions and mint are always great options. To be sure, opt for plants that are known to have therapeutic properties and are also easy to plant. You may as well opt for peace lilies — the white flowers are relaxing to look at. You may also opt for potted aloe vera, which are easier to grow than most plants and provide a wide range of benefits.

3. Keep your floors slip-proof

If you have had tiled floors for some time now, you may consider replacing the material with something that’s slip-proof, such as vinyl. Hardwood and porcelain floors provide a greater fall risk, which can result in fractures and other serious injuries, so opt for materials that are soft.

Still, you may want to avoid materials that are too soft since these can worsen conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. In that case, you can opt for cork instead.

4. Keep everything ergonomic

From the handrails of your stairs to the type of chairs you have in the living room, the best way to make any home senior-friendly is simply to apply ergonomic features. Make sure your appliances and utensils allow for better grip and control, as well as put less strain on the wrists.


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