Home Security TipsThere are many home safety concerns when it comes to an elderly person’s health and wellness.  Many senior citizens might not even know they are at risk when it comes to their home security.   Most of these risks are created from simple mistakes that you are not even aware of.  Some of these mistakes can lead lead theft, property damages, and even life-threatening consequences. Here are 5 common mistakes senior citizens make to compromise their home security.

Hiding Your Spare Key Within the Outdoor Areas of Your House

One method of thinking that many seniors still consider normal is hiding their spare keys within their compounds. As you want to enhance your home’s security, you should reconsider your ‘hide the spare key’ rule. 

It is even much better to lose your spare key along with other regular keys. If you happen to lose it, you will merely force your frontal door to open; then you will purchase a new lock. Having a spare key hidden somewhere should not be an ideal option in case you lose your other regular keys.  Most criminals can easily detect where you have hidden your spare key. Thanks to technology, there are tracking devices which can trace where your spare key is! Most burglars and thieves possess these tracking instruments.

The best way to safeguard your spare key is to give it to a trusted friend or relative who would keep it for you. This way, your spare key will be safer. What’s more – you will be able to retrieve it any time you want.

Having A Faulty Security System

If you are a senior and you do not have a home security system, then you should definitely get one!  If you already have one, then you should periodically check it to see whether it is in the proper condition. A faulty security system can lead to devastating consequences such as loss of valuable property.  On the other hand, installing an efficient security system is one of the best home security hacks. This is because a security system will use any means whatsoever to fortify your home.

You should not ignore a damaged security system. If your security system is damaged, you should replace it with a new one.  Replacing a security system is not a big deal. Most security system companies have solid guarantee plans which you can use to secure a replacement.

Letting Everyone Know That You Are Not Around

Pretending to be around is one of the best home security hacks that senior citizens should always utilize.  Retirees tend to take more vacations than most, so if you let everyone know that you are absent then you will have committed a grievous security mistake.  Retirees should gain peace of mind knowing that by pretending you are home is always a better option than letting everyone know you are gone.

When unwanted intruders know that you are not around, they will use that rare opportunity to spy your home. Moreover, they will also attempt to steal your valuables. Furthermore, they will know that they have sufficient time to plan for the best way to break into your home.

You can fool people that you are around by implementing some innovative home security hacks. For instance; you can purchase smart light bulbs which can be placed on timers.  Or you can leave your home theatre system on. Or maybe you can tell a trusted friend to be driving in and out of your driveway at particular times each day so that it appears to be busy.

Allowing Your Mail to Pile Up When You Are Not Around

This is a security mistake which many people commit unknowingly. If you let your mail pile up, thugs will quickly know that you are not present. What's more – any person will be able to open and read your private and confidential letters freely!  You should always instruct the local post office to hold your mail till you come back. By doing this, you will have protected your property and your secrets.

Storing Your Valuable Possessions in the Garage

You should store your precious items inside your house, and not in the garage. The garage is the most accessible area in your home. Due to this, criminals can easily find their way into your garage and steal all your prized possessions. What you should only have in your garage are your vehicles and a few spare parts.

You should also declutter your garage. Don't allow your items to be strewn all over the place in the garage. Your kids can quickly displace those items and expose them to potential criminals. You should buy storage boxes which you would use to keep your items in the garage.

If you must store your prized possessions in the garage, then you should take necessary caution as you do so. You should consider swapping your garage door with a new robust one. Then, this door should always be kept under lock and key; unless you are inside the garage. Or rather, you can purchase a safe in which you will put all your prized items.


Although to err is human, some mistakes can completely be avoided. If you follow the tips provided, you can effectively prevent the commission of these mistakes. By doing this, you will have guaranteed the safety of your home.