We all know someone with hearing loss may it be minimal or significant. Either way, minimal or significant, it affects your life in a profound way.  There is a stigma behind hearing loss that causes us to stray from learning about it, or learning about the ways in which a person can not just deal with it but also understand that there are things you can do to enhance your hearing and not just suffer through it.

Hearing loss can start at a very young age and can be caused by many different things like concerts, genetics, or even your job. It is definitely something we should not be afraid of. I have one goal in mind every single day and that is just to spread the word that there are Captioned Telephones (CapTel) free for anyone who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

The captioned phone, or CapTel, is a traditional and regular telephone in EVERY way you are used to, except it also has a screen on it that will write out the words of EVERYTHING that is being said to you. It takes away the stress about missing vowel sounds of mistaking one word for another. Because you can hear as well as visually see what is being said, there is no reason to feel anxiety over using the phone. I always tell people, you can literally read word-for-word what is being said if needed, or you can simply know that it is there in case you miss something. There is also amplified volume up to 40 decibels, so you have the advantage of having higher volume as well. The CapTel is able to save up to 500 lines of conversation so you are able to review what had been said if you like- that’s about seven to eight long conversations. If you forgot your doctors appointment, or where you were supposed to have lunch, or even the dosage change in your medication, you can go back and take a look.

This service is FREE. Entirely and always FREE. You pay your same phone bill and that is it. There are no additional or monthly fees, ever. All you need to do is ask me about it and have three things:

High-Speed Internet
A Phone Line – a landline or a VoIP
A doctor to verify you have hearing loss

If you do not have one of these three things, just let me know and ask and I am more than happy to help. I am trying to help as many people as possible to get the resources they need to live their life independently. I have literally watch peoples lives transform and improve because they have CapTel and I only wish I could see more. Let me know if you have any questions or would like for you or someone you know to use this service and program.  Contact me any time.

Crystal Vaccaro- 720.481.7188- Crystal.Vaccaro@OutreachExpertsInc.com.