One Big House and One Small House

So where did all this stuff come from?  When I was younger, the “big dream” was to acquire the house, nice car, furniture, etc.  Now that I’m older, I find myself totally amazed at all the stuff!!  This is a common dilemma with many people who are transitioning to a smaller place. You know you can‘t take it all with you, so where do you start downsizing?

GARAGE:  A planned unit development or a senior housing community will provide lawn maintenance so you can get rid of all your yard equipment.

CLOSET:  Start by turning the hangers the opposite direction on the closet rod, and then every time you wear something, turn the hanger the right way.  Before long you’ll find that there are a lot of items you haven’t worn, so take them to a consignment store or donate them. 

KITCHEN:  Consider your lifestyle and whether you really need all those dishes for entertaining.  With the kids grown up and gone, you can probably get by with four place settings and a few pans and casserole dishes.

BATHROOM:  Most people do a wash every week so four complete towel sets would be plenty.  Consolidate your soap, shampoo, etc. and only keep two or less. 

OLD PAPERS & STORAGE:  Have old papers shredded at a place like Staples for a minimal cost.  If your new home is short on storage space, stash things in luggage that is probably not used very often.

REALTOR:  For help in finding your new home, choose someone who is willing to look for the needle in a haystack since one level homes with small yards are few and far between.  You also need a realtor who can refer you to reliable resources such as moving companies, painters, carpet cleaners, etc.

Remember that once you put things in the “to go” bag, do not look at them again, or you’ll talk yourself into keeping a lot of that stuff!  And finally, as my boys often said to me while they were growing up, ‘Chillax Mom; it’s all good!’

Editor’s Note:  Article written by Aleex Conner, REALTOR ® with Realty Executives Associates, 865.591.6348 (cell), 865.693.3232 (office).  Visit for more information on issues related to real estate.  Mention this article and receive a complimentary consultation regarding the selling potential of your current home.