Cleaning GarageAs you get older, taking care of a garage becomes more of a challenge. What was once a hobbyist's getaway now is a disorganized, secondary storage unit. If you're moving into a smaller home or just looking to make it easier to move around your garage, trying to clean away the clutter seem like an impossible task. You're not alone, though. Only 11% of people are content with the state of their garages. How, then, can you make your garage into a more manageable space?

Identify Your Clutter

First and foremost, take a look at your garage. Can you tell just by looking what is clutter and what you want to keep? It’s unlikely. That’s why it’s important, whether you’re cleaning to maintain or preparing your home for a move, to have patience while working on your garage.

Before installing any organization tools, you’ll need to sort through the things you have and see what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. This process will always be a little challenging, especially when you're older. Every item stored in your garage can have a story attached to it, and letting that piece go can feel like letting go of a memory. Luckily, you can rely on your friends, family, and even your neighbors to ensure that it’s easier to separate unnecessary items from things you actually want to keep.

Experiment With Organization

Once you’re able to see your garage floor again, you can start looking into clever ways to keep your things organized. Maybe you’re interested in elevating your lawn tools so they don’t fall over as often. Maybe a few additional storage racks or bins will help you stay on top of potential mess. Assess the amount of goods you have left after your de-cluttering, and then decide what kind of organizational aesthetic is right for you. Make sure that it's easy to use - you don't want to discourage the future you or any of your kids from keeping your garage organized.

Keep Yourself Safe

One of the most important parts of cleaning out your garage, whether it be for personal use or for later sale, is that the space is as safe as possible. A cluttered garage is a fire hazard. As you’re re-organizing with crates, racks, or other tools, consider the safety of your preferred set-up. Do you have a fire extinguisher nearby? Are there parking mats on the floor? Garages can be as dangerous as they can be useful, so take the necessary steps to ensure that your newly-cleaned space is safe.

Rinse and Repeat

Finally, know that cleaning and re-organizing your garage isn’t a one-time deal. After a few weeks, you’ll have to revisit your new organized space to ensure that everything is in the place it should be. Don’t get discouraged by this routine upkeep. Just change the way you think about your garage. It’s not just an extended storage space for your things and your car; your garage is part of your home.

It can be hard to maintain a garage as you get older. However, when you start thinking about your garage as another room in your home you can understand why keeping it organized will do you good. Ask for help when you start working on your garage. With the help of friends and family, you can get your clutter under control and make your future - whatever it may be - a little more organized.