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Best Handicap Accessible Sites in Birmingham Alabama

Handicap Sites in Birmingham ALThere are wheelchair and handicap-accessible parks and trails all over the fine state of Alabama: from the paved trails and accessible bathrooms at Avondale Park, to the waterfront, accessible Airport Perimeter Trail in Mobile. In Birmingham, Alabama, the handicap accessible sites are no exception, and are ready and waiting for you to discover! Here are some of the best handicap accessible sites in Birmingham, Alabama:

Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame honors a number of the greatest jazz artists Alabama has ever known. Covering the accomplishments and marks in history of more than 170 Alabama-native jazz musicians, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame features artists such as Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, and Lionel Hampton. Containing more that 2,200 square feet of exhibits and memorabilia including paintings, instruments, quilts, and personal effects of notable jazz artists, the museum also offers jazz performance and classes that keep the soul and future of jazz alive and well.

All of the tours of the museum are wheelchair accessible, and admission is a low cost that won’t break your wallet whilst you bolster your history and love of jazz.  

The Birmingham Zoo

The Birmingham Zoo, home to over 700 animals from all over the world, is seated on 122 acres and was voted one of the top attractions in Alabama on TripAdvisor. The Birmingham Zoo’s facilities, exhibits, and pathways all ensure the accessibility of personal wheelchairs and electric conveyance vehicles. All of the facilities and attractions are accessible to handicapable patrons: from the train and carousel, to the restaurants and eateries, the Zoo makes the experience inclusive and fun.

The Birmingham zoo also offers a limited quantity of rentals, including manual strollers, wheelchairs, and electric conveyance vehicles (but the rentals are popular, and are first-come, first-serve, so keep this in mind if you choose to visit)! The Zoo is also inclusive of sensory sensitivities, complete with weighted lap pads available upon request, sensory bags containing noise-cancelling headphones, and quiet zones to make sure that everyone can have a good time whilst experiencing all that the Birmingham Zoo has to offer.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is Alabama’s largest living museum! Containing more than 12,000 plants across 25 different gardens, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens span 67.5 acres, which include 30 outdoor sculptures and the largest horticulture library in the United States. The parking lot and Garden Center, which includes the Library, are barrier-free and ADA compliant. Recently, the paths, which had been gravel since the opening of the gardens, have been paved, making the gardens handicap accessible.

Complimentary wheelchairs are available at the front desk for patrons who may require them, and a secondary entrance has recently been opened, specifically with accessibility in mind. Come and smell the roses and vastly diverse other plant life with no fee for admission!

Here is a list of options, if you or a loved one needs to purchase or rent a Wheelchair in Birmingham, Alabama.

Article written by Rhianna DeVries with Senior Directory


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