Delivery GuyThe Coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in unexpected and troubling ways. Leaving the safety of our homes to fill prescriptions, run basic errands, or get groceries has become a risk to our health and safety, and this is especially true for people who have compromised immune systems, a history of smoking/health issues, and who are older. Fortunately, you have a number of delivery services available to you. Whether you need groceries, medications, or even entertainment, the best delivery services in Knoxville are available to you, at your convenience.

Mac’s Pharmacy

The owners and employees at Mac’s Pharmacy pride themselves on forging relationships with their patrons in order to serve and improve the lives within local communities, and their prescription delivery takes that mission one step further. MacPacks prescription delivery is a free service that organizes all of your prescriptions on a monthly basis: each MacPack comes in monthly strips that include all of your medications, organized into easy, on-the-go, perforated packs. Each monthly strip is labeled with your name, the date and time to take the medication, and the medication’s name and directions.

Each month, Mac’s Pharmacy delivers your monthly supply of medications straight to your door, so you never have to worry about picking up medications again—which is especially essential during these times of the Coronavirus pandemic; the less time you spend outside of your house, the better! MacPacks can include anything from vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter medications, and prescription medications, all sorted and packaged for your ease of use. Mac’s Pharmacy has locations throughout North Knoxville, Powell, Maryville, and Oak Ridge, and are available to serve you and the ones you love by delivering all of your medications and, during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, Mac’s Pharmacy can also deliver hand sanitizer to your home!


The Senior Citizens Home Assistance Service (SCHAS) is dedicated to “improving the quality of life for the elderly, persons with disabilities, and their caregivers by providing accessible care and supportive services through compassionate personnel.” With a wide variety of services ranging from laundry to companionship, from 24-hour care to salon services, SCHAS works to offer services to senior citizens all over east Tennessee, and now, in the troubling times of the Coronavirus pandemic, they have taken their efforts one step further by developing S.O.S.: SCHAS Out Shopping.

S.O.S. is a program developed by SCHAS in response to the Coronavirus pandemic that partners with other non-profit agencies to shop for and deliver your groceries directly to your door. With the priority of enabling older adults to remain safely in their homes, S.O.S. has enlisted screened employees and volunteers to do your shopping for no cost to qualifying seniors who have compromised immune systems or who are  62 or older.  The process is simple and convenient: you fill out the form online (available at:, and SCHAS will pay for the order at the store and then be reimbursed by you upon delivery (if you have a SNAP card, no worries—SCHAS can pick up the card first, then shop for you). Your order can be delivered to you within a 48-hour period of being placed Monday-Friday by 4 pm EST, and SCHAS will call to provide your order confirmation and schedule a delivery time convenient for you.

Mobility City

Mobility City is “the premier and one-of-a-kind mobile repair, cleaning and maintenance company for wheelchairs, power chair, mobility scooters, lift out chairs, hospital beds, and other mobility products, which helps seniors, injured and disabled persons, young and old.” Mobility City has over 30 years of experience in medical mobility, and is trusted by industry-leading businesses to service the cleaning, maintenance, and repair of your mobility products. Years of regular use of your mobility products can easily accumulate dust, dirt, and germs and according to the American Journal of Infection Control, in 2018, 76% of wheelchairs failed cleanliness inspection even after being cleaned by hand. Using steam cleaning, which kills 99.9% of bacteria, Mobility City can keep your mobility equipment cleaner and safer. And now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, these services are especially essential.

In addition to offering thorough, professional servicing of your mobility equipment, Mobility City has been offering their services to senior care facilities and buses in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Considering the shortages in cleaning supplies and the increased focus on sanitation, the services offered by Mobility City are especially relevant and necessary. And, since the trained technicians at Mobility City can come to you, you don’t have to worry about leaving your home in order to have your equipment maintained and sanitized.

GateWay Grocery Delivery

GateWay Grocery Delivery is a company that values honesty and community by offering charity as a part of their business model: for every $100 in orders that GateWay Grocery Delivery receives, the company donates three meals to families in need through Second Harvest Food Bank. And the process is simple: customers choose a store listed with GateWay Grocery Delivery, then they confirm their order, and submit it. Unlike many delivery services, GateWay will pick up your order even if it’s from stores that they don’t have listed on their website, and all you have to do is submit a request, and wait from the comfort of your home! 

GateWay Grocery Delivery has a mission to serve a wide variety of lifestyles, from busy families, to seniors, to people in need, and their pricing plans reflect that mission. Depending on your level of need, or interest in using grocery delivery services, there’s a plan available to you at a relatively low cost. For customers only looking to use this service every once in a while, the “On-Call” Delivery plan might be best, with deliveries starting at $4.99 per delivery: grocery deliveries are $9.99, alcohol, pet supply stores, home goods stores, and the like are $5.99, and deliveries from restaurants are $4.99 each. If you’d like to make grocery delivery a larger part of your life, the “GateWay One” Plan for $14.99/month might be for you; each delivery is a flat rate of $3.99, so you only need to use this service for groceries twice to make the plan worth the membership. For customers who are dedicated to using grocery delivery, the plan with the most long-term value is the “GateWay Annual” plan for $99 annually. On the “GateWay Annual” plan, customers receive a $3.99 flat delivery fee, top priority delivery, and loyalty promotions and discounts. No matter which plan you choose, every order comes with the GateWay Grocery Delivery promise for quality customer service, and your purchase goes toward feeding families in need.

Senior Directory Deliveries

Senior Directory is a comprehensive resource working to connect families with over 70 categories of services, from assisted living to skilled nursing, from hospitals to health at home, and more! And during the Coronavirus pandemic is no exception. Senior Directory Knoxville is now offering an entertainment delivery service to ensure that you and your loved ones keep your minds busy while in isolation. Senior Directory can drop off crossword puzzles and coloring books to seniors like you, and can also provide new editions of Senior Directory, which includes connections and contacts to any resources you might need. Senior Directory is also happy to offer other creative activities upon request for seniors in partnering facilities. Stay safe and stay inside, and have the creative outlet or entertainment you need to keep busy! Email or call 865-257-4699 to make any requests.

In Conclusion…

During these troubling times, it’s best to stay inside to avoid contact with other people or surfaces that could transmit the highly-contagious Coronavirus. Enable yourself or a loved one to stay safely healthy indoors by taking advantage of all of the great delivery services that Knoxville has to offer.

Article written by Rhianna DeVries