The Center for Healthy Aging reports that one in three persons 65 and over will take a fall and by age 80, falls increase to one of two people! Reduce the chances of a serious & debilitating injury caused by a fall:

  • Ensure that one entry to your home has a level footing. If you have stairs, install a stair railing or a walk up ramp.
  • Remove obstacles along your path inside & outside your home.
  • Increase your stability in the wettest room in the house. Install grab bars at your tub, shower & toilet.Improve your balance, with Yoga, Tai Chi, or exercise classes from your local Senior Center or gym.
  • Finally, you can’t navigate what you can’t see. Update your eyeglasses & wear them. Position lights throughout your home with motion sensors to prevent tripping in the dark.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Jeannie Dill of Next Day Access.