DoctorAs you near the twilight years of your life, you will start to notice a lot of changes. Things you used to do with ease take a longer time to do. Your skin sags and gets spotted, your hair turns white, and your eyesight deteriorates.  While these changes might seem alarming, it’s important to remember that it’s part of the process of aging. What isn’t a part of the aging process, though, are accidents and illnesses. It’s important to keep yourself as healthy and as accident-free as possible, especially now that you are growing older.

Keep a tidy home

When you have clutter on your floor, you are inviting accidents to happen. Trips and falls are usually caused by clutter, so be on the lookout for items that could cause you to sustain an injury. Make sure to clear pathways in your home. Return items like shoes, dirty clothes, magazines, or pet toys to their proper place to avoid any accidents.

You especially want to tidy up when you have your friends over. Bunched up rugs and unfastened wires may cause your visitors to fall and sustain an injury, landing you in a legal bind. And determining a personal injury case and settlement can be very tricky, so you might want to clean up your house and get a lawyer on retainer too.

Stay active

Muscle atrophy, especially with the leg muscles, can be a factor into why seniors are more prone to trips and falls. Without exercise, the muscles become weak. Combat this by engaging in more physical activity like walking, dancing, or even water aerobics. Physical exercise not only helps prevent injuries, but it also helps keep your blood well-circulated. And when this happens, your entire body receives a fresh supply of oxygen more often. This also distributes vitamins and minerals to the organs that need them, keeping sickness at bay for much longer.

Eat healthy

It goes without saying that even in old age, you should remember to eat right. Our digestive system tends to slow down as we grow old, so you need to eat high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to assist the cleansing of your digestive system.

Seniors are prone to dehydration, so remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay sharp. It’s also important to follow doctor’s orders when it comes to your diet. If you’ve been told to avoid high-sodium foods when you see a doctor, make sure to do so. Flouting a recommended diet can have serious consequences to your health.

Wear the right shoes

One downside to growing old is that your options for looking fashionable are limited. But that’s understandable, especially if your primary focus is on staying as accident-free as possible. Wearing the right footwear can help you avoid slips and falls. Find affordable footwear that has rubberized soles, good grip and fits properly.

Act your age

The one thing that’s probably the most dangerous for seniors is denying that they’re old. Feeling like you can still lift your furniture when cleaning your home is a great way to throw out your back. Doing too much can result to you being gurneyed off by an ambulance. There are a lot of people who can help you with tasks that might be a bit too much for your body, so take advantage of that and let them do the dirty work for you. For all the time you’ve been on Earth, you’ve done your part. It’s time you took a chill pill and just relaxed.