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Alzheimer’s & Memory Care Communities near Omaha, Nebraska

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About 1/3rd of us will suffer dementia in our lifetimes, and women are more susceptible to do so than men. There is no single cause of Alzheimer’s disease, and no proven cure. Alzheimer’s disease is the cause of the majority of dementia cases, but the two terms are often confused.

When someone we know begins showing signs of memory loss, our first instinct is to shelter and protect him or her. Friends, family, and spouses often feel they could never “abandon” their loved one to an assisted living community, especially when memory loss is involved. But that is wrong thinking: A memory-care unit is usually the best place for him or her to be.

Unfortunately, as more and more brain cells gradually die off, the symptoms of dementia increase and become unmanageable. People with dementia become increasingly at the mercy of their environments. It becomes possible for them to find themselves suddenly lost in the most frequented of places. Dementia can cause them to forget loved ones names, which is heartbreaking. Or even forget whether or not they have taken their medication.

Thankfully, these Omaha assisted-living facilities offer Alzheimer's and memory care. Your loved ones will be well looked after with amenities like secure doors, wrist bracelets, therapy, and staff that works closely with residents to promote their maximum cognitive functioning.

Our Criteria for allowing the listings below was multi-leveled. We made sure each facility had:

  1. Good record of service.
  2. Overall, positive reviews.
  3. Price reflective of service.
  4. Transparency.