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Wheelchairs and Walkers near Jacksonville, Florida

Accessibility Specialists
Kings Road
Jacksonville, FL


Fletcher’s Medical Supplies
6851 Distribution Avenue South
Jacksonville, FL 32256-2742


Genesys Durable Medical Equipment
960 Cesery Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32211-5608


Home Ability
7660 Philips Highway
Jacksonville, FL 32256


Preston Home Medical Supplies
6022 Atlantic Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32211-7503


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Type of Services

Below is a list of wheelchair providers in Jacksonville, Florida. Not all providers are created equal, meaning that some are better than others. Feel free to leave reviews on the companies that you have purchased a wheelchair, walker, scooter or mobility equipment from in the past. If you are looking for mobility equipiment for you or a loved one, we recommend asking the provider following questions:

-What is your return policy?
-Does the product have a warranty?
-What is the life expectancy on the product?
-Is there any recommended maintenance or cleaning of the product?

Please contact one of Senior Directory’s Care Advisors if you need help choosing a provider or product that is right for you. Call us at 1-800-955-8510