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Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging

Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging
441 Smithfield St 2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-350-5460

Beaver County Area Agency on Aging

Beaver County Area Agency on Aging
1020 8th Ave
Beaver Falls, PA
Phone: 724-847-2262

Butler County on Aging

Butler County on Aging
111 Sunnyview Circle #101
Butler, PA
Phone: 724-282-3008

Pennsylvania Department of Aging

Pennsylvania Department of Aging

Phone: 717-783-1550

Southwestern PA Area on Aging

Southwestern PA Area on Aging
305 Chamber Plaza
Charleroi, PA
Phone: 724-489-8080

US Administration on Aging

US Administration on Aging

Phone: 202-619-0724

Westmoreland County Area Agency on Aging

Westmoreland County Area Agency on Aging
200 S Main Street
Greensburg, PA
Phone: 724-830-4444

Westmoreland County Area Agency on Aging
301 11th St
New Kensington, PA
Phone: 724-337-6660

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Westmoreland County Area on Aging

Westmoreland County Area on Aging
1405 Woodside Ave
Ellwood City, PA
Phone: 800-442-8000

The Twilight Wish Foundation

The Twilight Wish Foundation

Phone: (412) 915-1815


What is the Twilight Wish Foundation?
Our Mission is to honor and enrich the lives of deserving seniors through with granting celebrations that connect generations.
Our Vision is to Make the world a nicer place to age, one wish at a time.
What Types of Wishes Des Twilight Wish Grant? Sometimes a wish fulfills an immediate need. Sometimes it is a last wish or a lifelong dream. Large or small, all wishes provide a meaningful "THANK YOU" to the senior for a lifetime of service to others.
Simple Needs/Quality of Life Wishes: Examples include clothing, wheelchairs/walkers, appliances, & more!
Celebrating a Life Wishes: Meaningful & nostalgic wishes granted for hospice patients or recipients with limited life expectancies. These wishes can include family reunions, visits to hometowns, chances to return to a job or career one more time, or similar wish that validates and brings joy to the recipient.
Living Life to the Fullest Wishes: Examples include riding on a motorcycle, meeting a celebrity, publishing a book, attending a sporting event or any other amazing life moment wishes!
Veterans’ Wishes: Veterans’ wishes can fall into any of the other 3 programs, but we differentiate this program as it gives us an opportunity to thank veterans for what they have done for others over the years, and show that we remember and care.
What Qualifies as a Wish? Any individual who...
Is over the age of 68 or a permanent member of an eldercare facility
Is a legal U.S. Citizen
Demonstrates financial need or who is unable to grant own wish for other than financial reason
Can provide a positive history of giving back to others (through service to our nation, community or family)
Possesses the cognitive, emothinal and physical ability to experience the wish
For more information, or an application, visit or contact Cherie Dixon, Twilight Wish Washington Chapter Director

National Council on Aging

National Council on Aging

Phone: 202-872-0888

National Eldercare Locator

National Eldercare Locator

Phone: 800-677-1116

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