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Regency Healthcare and Rehabilitation

Regency Healthcare and Rehabilitation

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Regency Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, located in the heart of the historic Cool Spring/Tilton Park, is CMS 5-Star rated facility providing Wilmington and surrounding areas with distinctive, cutting-edge subacute rehab, pulmonary and skilled nursing care.


Regency Healthcare and Rehab

801 North Broom Street
Wilmington , DE 19806

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    Subacute Care
    Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy Offered 7 Days a Week
    24-hour Skilled Nursing Care
    Orthopedic Rehab
    Respiratory & Tracheostomy Care: In-House Respiratory Therapist
    Stroke Management
    Diapulse Wound Care
    Pain Management
    Respite / Hospice Care
    Nutritional Counseling
    Pharmacy Consultant
    Optometry Services
    Laboratory Services
    Podiatry Services
    Comprehensive Discharge Planning

Regency Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center delivers unparalleled, high-tech, compassionate care to short-term patients who aspire to return home as soon as possible and has an outstanding pulmonary program, providing a new lease of life to trach patients. The program features  specialty trained nurses and rehabilitation therapists intent on optimizing one's recovery. Proper suctioning, oxygen and decannulation are an integral part of treatment, and these services are delivered  with the utmost sensitivity and compassion.

As a proud member of Nationwide Healthcare Services, Regency is committed to delivering the highest standards of excellence to expedite your recovery.


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