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Measurabilities Home Safety

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Fall Prevention Home Safety Specialists - Physical Therapist Owned - We provide free home safety assessments performed by our physical/occupational therapists, who make customized recommendations based on physical limiations/individual diagnosis. We provide & install safety grab bars, bath safety products, non slip treatment -floors/tub/shower, etc. Clinically guided installation


Measurabilities Home Safety

8147 E. Evans Road , Suite 8
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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*Physical therapist owned - fall prevention home safety modification specialists
*Free home safety assessments performed by our physical and occupational therapists
*We provide and install:
-Safety grab bars (all shapes, styles, sizes and finishes)
-Bath safety products (shower chairs, transfer benches, handheld showers, etc.)
-non-slip treatment for floors, tub & shower (no visible change to floor appearance)
-Ramps, railing, easy entry shower accessibility accomodations
-Transport chairs, mobility aids, etc.
-All installations are clinically guided based on individual diagnosis and physical limitation to ensure optimal fall prevention safety outcomes. Solutions are customized.
-We are licensed, bonded, insured

We are the only company in the valley providing clinically guided fall prevention home safety solutions.  We work closely with local rehabiliation, hospital, fire department, physician and local community health care agencies. No phyisican referral necessary.


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