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A Lifton Home Elevator will help you to continue enjoying the home you love, just the way you intended. What are the options? Moving house perhaps, or building a downstairs addition for a bedroom. Both of these are expensive, stressful and disruptive.  Our residential elevator is all-inclusive and installation is quick and simple. Consultancy, surveys, delivery, installation, demonstration and after sales assistance are all part of the package from your local Authorized Representative. We will make sure you chose the right product for your needs and place it in the optimum location in your home.


Lifton Home Elevators

57 South Commerce Way , Unit 300
Bethlehem, PA 18017
(610) 419-3200

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-With a Lifton Home Elevator you don’t compromise on space and, when you are not the same floor as the lift, you can use the floor space where it used to sit

-Lifton elevators have built-in sensors which detect obstructions above and below the lift and will stop until it is removed

-The residential elevator includes a simple control panel which can be secured with a key

-The Lifton Home Elevator covers just seven square feet allowing for greater placement options

-Lifton lifts run on self-supporting stilts which are fixed to the ceiling and floor

-The Lifton Home Elevator plugs straight into a standard domestic electricity socket with no adapters necessary

-The integrated drive system is concealed inside the top of the residential elevator

-Lifton residential elevators are stylish and catch the eye

-Two remote controls are included as standard to call the Lifton Home Elevator from any floor


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