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Incontinence Institute

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The Incontinence Institute is the state’s only center focused solely on connecting individuals suffering with bladder and bowel incontinence to physicians who can provide effective, lasting treatment options. Located within the Cool Springs Surgery Center in Franklin, the Institute offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments to help patients of all ages improve their quality of life and live more confidently. 


Incontinence Institute

2009 Mallory Lane , Suite 100
Franklin, TN 37067

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The Incontinence Institute connects patients with physicians who will design a treatment plan around your individual needs. Treatment options include:

Botox: When injected into the bladder muscle, Botox can provide benefits lasting for about 6-9 months.

InterStim™: A small device the size of a silver dollar is implanted in the skin of the pelvis and helps regulate communication between the brain and the sacral nerve, providing patients with better bladder control.

Medication: Certain medications have been proven to provide benefit in treating bladder incontinence.

Physical Therapy & Biofeedback: If bladder incontinence is due to weakening muscle problems or nerve issues, physical therapy may be recommended. Biofeedback involves attaching sensors to the body and working with a physical therapist to learn mental and physical exercises to control muscles.

Urethral Sling: Urethral sling surgery is used to treat incontinence in both men and women. A sling is surgically connected to the abdominal wall and lifts the urethra into its normal position.


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Alice Franklin | 4/23/2015


It didn’t bother me as much during the day but, when I came home from work I wasn’t able to rest. I always had the urge to go. I was up as many as 6-7 times a night. I had tried different medications. Nothing worked for me. I had my InterStim procedure done outpatient. It was no big deal having it done. Since then, life has been great. I don’t have any pain. I can rest now. It feels like living again.

Incontinence Institute
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