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Cigna-HealthSpring, a Cigna company, is a leading health service company with a long-standing commitment to helping Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries live healthier, more active lives. 


Cigna Healthspring

530 Great Circle Rd
Nashville, TN 37228

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We are more than just an insurance company. What makes Cigna-HealthSpring unique is how we support the doctor-patient relationship through innovative clinical and customer engagement, holistic care coordination and detailed analytics. Our health care model is built on a deep understanding of our customers and an intense focus on working with doctors and other health care professionals to deliver personalized care at an affordable cost.


We understand health care isn’t one-size-fits all. That’s why our comprehensive portfolio delivers more choices that support healthy aging and meet our customers’ individual health care needs. Cigna-HealthSpring key products include Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, Medicaid and other retiree health products and services. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Cigna-HealthSpring offers a national stand-alone prescription drug plan and operates health plans in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, D.C. 


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Harmon Stockdale | 7/29/2021


Cigna goes the extra mile and they really care about their members. I appreciate the education Cigna provides to the community and to the members they serve.

Donald Cunningham Sr. | 7/22/2019


I really don't use my insurance,but,I was scheduled to get an MRI,so,in order for this to happen,being on disability,they said I would have to have 200.00 up front for this,my question is,if you guys,get close to 2000 per year,from me, why is my co pay this high to obtain an MRI,and I am staying in pretty good health,check records, I know people getting gift cards from you guys,50.00 +,why I had to cancel an MRI,because they said,it's about the plan,since you guys are supposed to be fair,whose offering the better plan you guys or Humana?Right now,your rating is a one what happened to customer care.

Clara Washington | 2/24/2019


Applied for a wrist blood pressure monitor since I suffer and take meds for blood pressure. You would think if they knew anything about healthcare and looked at my records you would think they would gave it to me. My sister HMO sent hers without asking for it, Im going to her HMO who knows about taking care of the aging consumers. Got several calls from random young people who has the slightest idea what their doing..just babbling...Im done with this company as soon as open enrollment starts. An I advise no one to do business here.

1.1 stars - based on 8 reviews

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