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Chandler Hall Adult Day Care

Chandler Hall Adult Day Care

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Aging is a creative and meaningful process to be respected and supported. At Chandler Hall, this belief is deeply reflected in our care and commitment to every life.


Chandler Hall Adult Day Care

99 Barclay St
Newtown, PA 18940

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It was in 1973 that the Quaker meetings in the Bucks County area came together to respond to a need for nursing care for individuals. And so, the first program of Chandler Hall was established, the 'Friends' Nursing Home.

In 1982, Chandler Hall's Hospice Program became one of the first medicare certified hospice programs in the country. Over the years, the Quaker tradition of focusing on the needs of the individual led to the development of other programs, providing a wide array of services, including the following programs: Adult Day, Personal Care, Restorative Home Health or Home Care, Aquatics & Fitness, Short Term or Respite Stays. Chandler Hall even has a Child Care and Children's Summer Camp where children are able to interact with residents on a regular basis.


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